Mon: Jun 27, 2022

» Quick and dirty way to rip an eBook from Android. Long story short setup a script to screenshot and move on to the next page. Kind of ingenious really.     #

» My free-software photography workflow. I'm still looking at doing everything with DarkTable but that thing is mysterious to me. There's good youtube videos on it, just need to dedicate some time.     #

» The skater punk’s guide to MediaRecorder. Logical and easy to follow on how a web browser can record off a webcam or screenshare.     #

» Mechanical Watch. This is an amazing breakdown on how a watch works and keeps time.     #

» Batocera.linux gaming distribution     #

» Museum of Endangered Sounds. Wow, a trip down memory lane.     #

Wed: Jun 08, 2022

» Air Hose Reel From Plywood / 360° Swivel. Clever!     #

» Global Submarine Cables - that is beautiful to look at and interesting to browse around.     #

» Hotel Resort Fee Lookup. I despise these bs additional "fees". Just tell me how much the damn bill is going to be when I'm booking.     #

» Alarmo: Make Your Own Alarm System In Home Assistant. Awesome.     #

» Abusing RPi GPIO pins as a radio controller. What an amazing way to generate an RF signal to fake a remote control.     #

» RTL_SDR & Ubuntu with RLTAMR – Reading power meter output. This definitely got me started, now I have Metermon running as a docker container on my NAS and feeding the values of electricity and natural gas into my Home Assistant setup every minute. This is helping me to understand my solar panels much better than before.     #

» Deprecating the "X-" Prefix and Similar Constructs in Application Protocols. I had no idea that was happening, much less that it came up 10 years ago. Those are used in so many places I doubt they'll ever go away.     #

» Behind the Late-Night Shift at Denver’s Last 24-Hour Diner. I haven't been to Pete's Kitchen in a very long time (no chance of me staying up that late anymore) but I have fond memories for sure...     #

» Behind the Scenes: The pots, pans, and people that make millions of meals. That's pretty fascinating actually, the logistics of feeding that many people (especially in that kind of situation) has always been interesting to me.     #

» Questions Candidates Can Ask. This is more aimed at people applying to start-ups, the next time I do that I'll be looking at this list again...     #

Mon: May 30, 2022

» X11vnc (from Arch Wiki). I upgraded my basement NAS to the newest Ubuntu Server and now running a Virtualbox VM as a user doesn't work for RDP (for some reason it will not grab the right port). Since the VM is another Linux system I ended up setting up x11vnc on it so at least I still have remote access. I don't even know how to troubleshoot the Virtualbox issue so I guess this is how it works now.     #

» Flameshot Screen Shot Tool. One thing I actually like about Windows is the Win-Shift-s command to be able to choose the area being captured, with Flameshot I've been able to configure my Linux machines (with KDE Plasma) to have the same key combo with even better options for saving (straight to clipboard, to a file, to an editor, etc, etc).     #

» DIY Car-Top Solar Camp Shower. That's pretty genius actually. My plan is a 2 gallon "weed sprayer" bottle with a faucet sprayer attached instead of the normal dispenser. My version though is only 2 gallons and does require heating up the water first, this one works great if you just part in the sun.     #

» Cycles South 1971 (Motorcycle Documentary Film). How these wingnuts ever managed to get a full movie made is a question I repeatedly had watching this. It was highly entertaining though, no chance of being able to do a trip like that for that kind of money (even inflation adjusted) anymore though...     #

» Raspberry Pi Smart Security Camera. I have a raspi camera aimed out my front window, but that's just so I can create time-lapses of interesting weather, there's no way I'd want this to email me every time it detects an object, but I could see that for other parts of the yard.     #

» Unraid System Dashboard V2. That... is comprehensive.     #

» Create Your Own Broadcast Network With AVideo Platform. This is the Github repo so it's not quite turn-key but there's some good info here if you want to create your own Youtube knock-off.     #

» Nyxtech Star Tracker, that's really cool and very reasonably priced for what you get.     #

» Production-ready Docker packaging for Python developers. I'm not doing anything that requires distribution or Docker yet but when I do I'll be all over this guide.     #

» Two places to get amazing wall maps: Mountains of the Earth and Large Wall Maps (and don't forget with Rasterbator you can take any image and make a large map from it). I keep thinking I need more wall space in my house for all the cool stuff you can hang...     #

Sun: May 29, 2022

» File name contains escape character--how to fix? This definitely comes up with Linux filesystem at times, handy to know the inode trick.     #

» GarminDB for backing up fitness tracker info out of Gamin Connect. I've been using this for a while and it works great, I very much prefer to have my data locally.     #

» How to Quickly Remove Internal Weld Seams from Steel Tubing. I don't have need of doing that with the stuff I make but their system is fascinating and not that expensive if you need to have square tube sliding around.     #

Thu: May 26, 2022

» Do a Wheelie!. Danny MacAskill is a treasure for all humanity.     #

» WWII Training Film "Crack That Tank" on how to deal with tanks when you are infantry. Interesting enough I watched it all the way through.     #

» Bodkin as a Sewing tool : Different uses. I've heard the term bodkin but never really knew what it was. Now I think I need a selection of them...     #

» JST Connector Crimping Insanity. Recent project (an IR blaster) I decided to use plugs to the soldered board to make it easier to replace components and yeah, I wrecked quite a few crimps before I figured it out.     #

» Map of Video Game Arcades, though it's not just "arcades" as much as "any place that has a video game you can play". For example a bowling alley near me, which nobody would ever call an arcade but does have a couple games off to the side.     #

» Docker CLI for Windows, using WLS2. Handy if you just need some Docker for Windows things but can't get a full Docker Desktop license for whatever reason.     #

Wed: May 25, 2022

» Alternatives to Google Products for 2021. Still very very relevant in 2022.     #

Tue: May 24, 2022

» Legal and technical notes on telling web archives of domain ownership change. That's pretty interesting, taking into account things like email addresses, if there's a particular URL that needs to be preserved, etc. It's been a while since I sold a domain but this is a nice reference.     #

» Business Parks Suck (but they don't have to). I've been to Amsterdam, and I've been to near that area of Toronto. Agree so much with this video, North America just does it wrong.     #

Wed: Apr 20, 2022

» Cast iron seasoning with flax oil. Did this with a cast iron pan and a couple of carbon steel pans. It worked amazingly well with the cast iron and worked with the carbon steel though the steel pans it's not lasting as long so I'm going to end up re-doing it on a regular basis it looks like.     #

» Motorcycle Electrics: Why Use Relays? I'm adding a USB power port to my dual-sport motorcycle and definitely using this to tap into the key on/off so I'm not drawing so much electricity through the key switch itself.     #

» Fix Rubber Contact Buttons With a Pencil (Logitch Harmony 650 Remote). I did something similar but I used some (kinda dried up) wire glue, the important part is get something conductive on the contact point of the button.

I've actually gone one better and just implemented an IR remote in Home Assistant with a physical switch I can just flick to turn everything on and off (more advanced stuff still needs a remote).     #

» Programming Fonts Test Drive, excellent way to see what each font looks like in a real-world situation.     #

» The Science of Cardboard, pretty fascinating and I like how they covered the recycling process, makes me feel better about setting out boxes without removing tape and such since the process accounts for glass, metal, and tape being a part of the cardboard...     #

» thang010146 on youtube which contains amazing animations of any kind of mechanical linkage you can imagine.     #

» Hell's Half Acre. Definitely putting that on my "to visit someday" list!     #

» The McAfee central America Travel Guide. I just don't even know what to say about this...     #

» K9 Moto Cockpit. Now that my dog has aged a bit this might actually work though I can't imagine she'd enjoy it to start...     #

Mon: Apr 18, 2022

» PiKrellCam - OSD Motion Detect Program. I like the idea of doing capture on motion but there's so much wind here so regular I'd have to crop out every tree and bush from the field of view of the camera, there would be very little left...     #

» The Open Guide to Amazon Web Services, there's just so many things they touch that a guide like this is necessary.     #

» Rebuilding Coleman Two or Three Burner Stoves. I have one of the white gas ones that's from the 1970s, still runs fine but I'm saving these pages for the day that it needs to be rebuilt (which is probably around the time this old website will go off-line...)

Also huge shout-out to the old school web look of this, I love it, reminds me of better times online.     #

» Create Custom IR remote w/ Home Assistant & ESPHome. I did something very similar but added a couple features, I'm going to do a video and a write-up soon. This was an excellent starting point however.     #

» Yamaha FZ6 - Chain Slack Adjustment. Recently swapped my tires out on the bike (after only 17 years of riding on them!) and making sure the slack was proper (and the chain was aligned correctly, for which I've ordered a Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool) was an important part of re-installing the rear wheel.     #

» Material Design Icons v6.6.96. This is a nice and easy to browse version of all the icons available in Home Assistant.     #

Fri: Apr 15, 2022

» The end of glue, epoxy and superglue. I guess on some level I knew they had expiration dates but those seem awful short.     #

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