Sat: Dec 03, 2016

» KiwiIRC web client. Bookmarked for later, it looks like a great project.     #

» IRCv3 clients. Nice to see the protocol is still being driven forward. I lost many an hour in college to the #hottub channel (filled with Aussies, they were getting off work as I was starting classes for the day)     #

» Radio Echoes. A large archive of old-time radio shows, this is fantastic. Unfortunately they have been hacked and were serving malware. Hopefully they'll get it resolved soon.     #

» music-streamer, stream your own mp3s to the HTML5 player. Handy if you run your own server.     #

» Multi Sensor Security Camera Has You Covered. I like the idea of adding additional sensors since just motion detection is too easily triggered. There's a comment too about adding an IMSI sniffer, that would tell you if a cell phone was nearby, if you could get that to not trigger willy nilly by everyone just walking by that would be a great addition.     #

» Google Earth Engine Timelapse. That's pretty cool, this really shows how Denver has changed (that's just what the link goes to, you can change the map.) It's interesting to see the tear-down of the Stapleton airport and the rise of DIA.     #

» Mattermost is an open source, self-hosted Slack-alternative. We use Slack at work (for one of our groups) and I generally like it but it's expensive. I really like this alternative for personal use.     #

» How to use a Watch as a Compass. Time to start wearing my regular watch into the back-country again!     #

» Springpad Alternatives. Curated list of alternatives to Springpad.     #

» Better Font Rendering In Linux With Infinality. Huh, interesting. I wonder if that still applies with Cinnamon and MATE? They make the comparison with GNOME 3 and it looks like Infinality isn't as necessary there.     #

» Photo to Painting. Upload a photo and they'll turn it into a painting (painted by hand) for about $50.     #

Thu: Dec 01, 2016

» These Models Were Photographed 14 Years Apart With The Same Lighting. Great portraits and I think the two women have only gotten more attractive with time.     #

Tue: Nov 29, 2016

» Powerbank UPS Backup for Home Router. Ok, that's pretty genius. Wonder how long it runs?     #

Fri: Nov 25, 2016

» Carbon PHP date and time, A simple PHP API extension for DateTime.     #

» Draw a symbol. That's neat - use your mouse to draw a symbol and the system will try to guess what it was, AND give you the HTML to create it in a browser.     #

Thu: Nov 24, 2016

» The Cuban CDN. Basically sneakernet, just with USB instead of floppy disks.     #

» Google Activity Controls. I have pretty much everything paused which is nice (no idea if they really honor that or not but it's worth a try.)     #

» microG Project, a free-as-in-freedom re-implementation of Google’s proprietary Android user space apps and libraries. This is fantastic for those of us who want to be free of Google and still have a smart phone.     #

» sovereign, A set of Ansible playbooks to build and maintain your own private cloud: email, calendar, contacts, file sync, IRC bouncer, VPN, and more.     #

» StockDroids, A curated list of phones running (near-)stock Android.     #

» Fagor User Manuals. I have one of their pressure cookers (use it mostly for canning) and naturally I have no idea where the manual is so I was having trouble figuring out what pressure the two settings were at...     #

» Vaccuflex, an adapter for a shop vac to get into hard to reach places. I'm thinking I can adapt part of a pool noodle and some fuel line to achieve the same thing, but if you aren't a DIY'er this isn't the worst thing you could get.     #

» Switching to Ubuntu by System76 (they make Linux laptops and desktops). Decent guide for moving from Mac OS-X to Ubuntu.     #

» Raspberry Pi OwnCloud: Your Own Personal Cloud Storage. I have something similar except I'm using NextCloud (apparently most of the devs, including the lead, have moved from OwnCloud to NextCloud), and using my NAS as storage instead of just a thumbdrive plugged in. If you don't need massive amounts of storage though the thumbdrive is a solid choice.     #

Wed: Nov 23, 2016

» Scramble On: Nature's Rumble. That may be the best non-advertisement advertisement for a motorcycle I've ever seen. It got me looking at the website and checking prices...     #

Wed: Nov 16, 2016

» Know Who’s at the Office with the Raspberry Pi. Screw knowing who's at the office, I'm thinking about adding this to my home Pi server so I can trigger actions when I'm home.     #

Tue: Nov 15, 2016

» Jefferson County Colorado 2016 Election Results. I've been waiting for this to get published, there were a few things on the ballot I was interested in.     #

Fri: Nov 11, 2016

» Ryan Reynolds Gets Roasted By His Twin Brother. That guy is a human treasure.     #

Thu: Nov 10, 2016

» Why Moab is Mandatory (for climbers). I've only bouldered out there in spite of the fact I've been to Moab probably 40 times now. There's just so much to do that I haven't climbed out there yet...     #

» Will My Phone Work? Super handy if you are buying a grey-market or overseas phone, this will tell you if the including radio frequencies will work with your service provider.     #

» Red Wine Hot Chocolate. Insanity!     #

» Winter 2016 - 2017: Reason for Concern? Forecasts look like a dry winter for Colorado...     #

» Apple Sucks Now, Here’s A ThinkPad Buyer’s Guide. I'm still running a 3 year old ThinkPad at home, and a new one for work. So far so good, and Linux support is pretty solid.     #

» Puzzle Rings. They look great.     #

» Project Jarvis - A.I Home Automation & Assistant. I've been thinking about something like this because I simply don't trust Alexa (Amazon), or Google, or Microsoft, or anyone else to run my stuff. Something like this I can run on my own looks great.     #

» This Collapsible 24-inch Display Can Fit Inside Your Camera Bag. I like the concept but I'm not sure about the execution.     #

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