Thu: May 26, 2022

» Do a Wheelie!. Danny MacAskill is a treasure for all humanity.     #

» WWII Training Film "Crack That Tank" on how to deal with tanks when you are infantry. Interesting enough I watched it all the way through.     #

» Bodkin as a Sewing tool : Different uses. I've heard the term bodkin but never really knew what it was. Now I think I need a selection of them...     #

» JST Connector Crimping Insanity. Recent project (an IR blaster) I decided to use plugs to the soldered board to make it easier to replace components and yeah, I wrecked quite a few crimps before I figured it out.     #

» Map of Video Game Arcades, though it's not just "arcades" as much as "any place that has a video game you can play". For example a bowling alley near me, which nobody would ever call an arcade but does have a couple games off to the side.     #

» Docker CLI for Windows, using WLS2. Handy if you just need some Docker for Windows things but can't get a full Docker Desktop license for whatever reason.     #

Tue: May 24, 2022

» Legal and technical notes on telling web archives of domain ownership change. That's pretty interesting, taking into account things like email addresses, if there's a particular URL that needs to be preserved, etc. It's been a while since I sold a domain but this is a nice reference.     #

» Business Parks Suck (but they don't have to). I've been to Amsterdam, and I've been to near that area of Toronto. Agree so much with this video, North America just does it wrong.     #

Wed: Apr 20, 2022

» Cast iron seasoning with flax oil. Did this with a cast iron pan and a couple of carbon steel pans. It worked amazingly well with the cast iron and worked with the carbon steel though the steel pans it's not lasting as long so I'm going to end up re-doing it on a regular basis it looks like.     #

» Motorcycle Electrics: Why Use Relays? I'm adding a USB power port to my dual-sport motorcycle and definitely using this to tap into the key on/off so I'm not drawing so much electricity through the key switch itself.     #

» Fix Rubber Contact Buttons With a Pencil (Logitch Harmony 650 Remote). I did something similar but I used some (kinda dried up) wire glue, the important part is get something conductive on the contact point of the button.

I've actually gone one better and just implemented an IR remote in Home Assistant with a physical switch I can just flick to turn everything on and off (more advanced stuff still needs a remote).     #

» Programming Fonts Test Drive, excellent way to see what each font looks like in a real-world situation.     #

» The Science of Cardboard, pretty fascinating and I like how they covered the recycling process, makes me feel better about setting out boxes without removing tape and such since the process accounts for glass, metal, and tape being a part of the cardboard...     #

» thang010146 on youtube which contains amazing animations of any kind of mechanical linkage you can imagine.     #

» Hell's Half Acre. Definitely putting that on my "to visit someday" list!     #

» The McAfee central America Travel Guide. I just don't even know what to say about this...     #

» K9 Moto Cockpit. Now that my dog has aged a bit this might actually work though I can't imagine she'd enjoy it to start...     #

Mon: Apr 18, 2022

» PiKrellCam - OSD Motion Detect Program. I like the idea of doing capture on motion but there's so much wind here so regular I'd have to crop out every tree and bush from the field of view of the camera, there would be very little left...     #

» The Open Guide to Amazon Web Services, there's just so many things they touch that a guide like this is necessary.     #

» Rebuilding Coleman Two or Three Burner Stoves. I have one of the white gas ones that's from the 1970s, still runs fine but I'm saving these pages for the day that it needs to be rebuilt (which is probably around the time this old website will go off-line...)

Also huge shout-out to the old school web look of this, I love it, reminds me of better times online.     #

» Create Custom IR remote w/ Home Assistant & ESPHome. I did something very similar but added a couple features, I'm going to do a video and a write-up soon. This was an excellent starting point however.     #

» Yamaha FZ6 - Chain Slack Adjustment. Recently swapped my tires out on the bike (after only 17 years of riding on them!) and making sure the slack was proper (and the chain was aligned correctly, for which I've ordered a Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool) was an important part of re-installing the rear wheel.     #

» Material Design Icons v6.6.96. This is a nice and easy to browse version of all the icons available in Home Assistant.     #

Fri: Apr 15, 2022

» The end of glue, epoxy and superglue. I guess on some level I knew they had expiration dates but those seem awful short.     #

Sun: Apr 10, 2022

» NotePadNext. Definitely watching this project, moving over to Linux this was the one application I wished I had (and the original Notepad++ works fine under WINE but there was always just something weird about having to start it that way...)     #

» Little Free Libraries. There's a few in my neighborhood and they get good traffic. On our walks we've run into a few older people that use the heck out of a couple of them, reading a book a day it seems like and always checking what's new. This site also gives you a map of them that might be around you.     #

» Salvage and Antiques google map, locations you can find salvaged (recycled?) materials and antiques.     #

» It’s Time To Break Up With Our Gas Stoves | Climate Town. I'd been thinking about converting to a gas stove just for temperature control but the more I read about that the worse the idea sounds. My new plan is to get a decent induction cooktop but that's going to involve getting rid of my old aluminum pots and pans (I do have some Misen Cook carbon steel pans I've been using with a countertop single "burner" induction cooktop and it works great.)     #

» $5 Can Get You a Smart Bed, I don't have any use for this right now (there's nothing that I need to know if I'm in bed or not.) but this is incredibly genius. Maybe if you have a remote-door lock and "if in bed for more than 5 minutes be sure lock is locked"?     #

» Homesheet Home Inventory. This is something I'd prefer to self-host but I understand that's not for everyone. I've also heard that the more specific you are about your items the more it's actually worth to an insurance company, if you have a "direct replacement policy" and for example you have a "electric tea kettle, blue, with a dial for setting temperature" and they can't find the direct replacement they'll replace with the more expensive item that satisfies the largest number of adjectives. All that is to say why you would want to use some kind of home inventory (if you just tell them you have an "electric kettle" you are getting the cheapest thing they can find at WalMart).     #

» Compass location server. I'm currently using ulogger on my phone feeding into PhoneTrack on a Nextcloud server (and then into my local Home Assistant) and find that it works surprisingly well but I'm always interested in options in case something happens with this...

One of the things I really like about PhoneTrack is that it has intelligence so I can have it backup my history and then scrub the current track going back any arbitrary time (I think mine scrubs every two weeks)     #

Sat: Jan 22, 2022

» 3 YEARS LIVING IN A JEEP | TINY HOME TOUR. That's super impressive, packs a lot of functionality into a small space.     #

Mon: Jan 17, 2022

» How the GOP Used a Two Santa Clauses Tactic to Con America for Nearly 40 Years. And they capture those low-income voters without question.     #

» Encyclopedia of note taking apps. Comprehensive!     #

» Optimizing a no-name USB HDMI grabber. Started using one of these with my 10-inch tablet as a "second screen" for self-portraits with my dSLR. The output goes to it, even in live-mode, so I can easily see what's in frame, how the focus is working, etc. Neat you can actually tweak the output (before it gives up the magic smoke.)     #

» Non destructive Atari joystick tact switch mod. Interesting technique, upgrading using tactile switches on the edges to get better response from the joystick.     #

Thu: Dec 30, 2021

» Girls Gone Wide - Offwidth Climbing in Vedauwoo Wyoming. Every single time I go to Vedauwoo I bleed, even when I'm not actually climbing... Those rocks are crazy sharp.     #

» Oibaf - Updated Open Graphics Drivers. I've been perpetually fighting with the official AMD Radeon graphics drivers in my Linux system and for some reason at random the driver would die, leaving me with a black screen and completely un-responsive system (cannot even SSH to it). Installing these drivers from the PPA seems to have completely cleared that up, no more issues since then.     #

» WALK AROUND of my home built flatbed camper on 1st gen Tacoma! Looks great. Every once in a while I think about building out something like this but the debate between this and a teardrop trailer makes me wonder if I'll ever get around to either.     #

» Walking the World: Bucharest. I've been to Bucharest four or five times and enjoyed every minute of it, never had a bad experience there. Definitely on my top 5 favorite places to travel.     #

» 3D Interactive Globes, so amazing to just scroll around. I did the Terrain globe, scroll around to just the Pacific Ocean, it's astounding how far out there Hawaii is and how far from the West Coast of the US to Australia (I've made that flight a couple times so I know it's long but this really puts it into perspective.)     #

» Raspberry Pi holds its own against low-cost ARM NAS, and the Youtube version. I'm running a Pi4 in my garage as a backup but just using a couple external hard drives with USB3 connections. Also encrypting everything on the two drives so a power outage does require a bit of me logging in and re-mounting the drives (though I also have a small UPS on it and I'm pretty sure that lasts for a couple hours when the drives are in stand-by mode).     #

» The Ariens 1960's and 1970's Sno-Thro Info Site! This is one of those sites that the Internet shines for, being able to dig up info on old snowblowers is just amazing. Over the summer I was looking to upgrade my old Craftsman tracked blower (has treads instead of drive wheels) and I was seeing some old Ariens show up on Craigslist, then I found this site that helped me narrow down when they were manufactured.     #

Tue: Dec 14, 2021

» How to Flush Coolant System 07-13 Mini Cooper S. I really enjoy driving this car but oh geez is the engineering trash. Like all German cars they are fine as long as you are under warranty but are garbage once they go out.     #

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