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Good Ride Near Denver, CO

Date Added: 2000-05-23
Closest Town: Denver, Colorado
Operating Hours: Open year round. The park closes at dusk (though some of us continue to ride it into the night be aware you may be ticketed).
Facilities Onsite: One port-o-potty at the bottom of the trail. No other facilities available.
Trail Type: Singletrack
Park Owner: Jefferson County Open Space
Trail Map: JeffCo Official Map
Driving Directions: Take I-70 west to Highway 93 (next exit West of C-470). North to the parking lot for Heritage Square. As you start up the Heritage Square parking lot make an immediate lot into the lower parking lot (you'll see a lot of cars there, it's all gambling traffic). Drive to the north side of the lower parking lot and park, the trail begins from there.
Favorite Path: Make the first available left up the hill and a series of switchbacks. Stay going straight at the fork near the top to follow the very fun Grubsteak Loop which ends with 8 long switchbacks back to the main trail. Be sure to take the trail up the valley as far as possible to the Enchanted Forest, the terrain switches an almost desert climb to a dense forest.
Area Details: Single-track trail that winds both along the valley and up the face of a mountain (depending on which fork you take). Along the ride up you'll see some very large houses perched on the sides of the hills.


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