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Good Ride Near Denver, CO

Date Added: 2000-05-23
Closest Town: Denver, Colorado
Operating Hours: Never been bothered, even in the middle of the night.
Facilities Onsite: Port-O-Potty at both parking lots
Trail Type: Singletrack / Fireroad
Park Owner: Jefferson County Open Space
Driving Directions: Alameda Lot: Take US 6 (aka "6th Avenue") west to Simms/Union exit. South to Alameda. West to the parking lot at the top of the hill (past the Safeway and apartment complexes).

C-470 Lot: Take Alameda to Jewell, west across C-470 to the road at the bottom of Dinosaur Ridge (past the Dinosaur Ridge information center).

Favorite Path: Starting from the C-470 lot ride across the brige, then to the right along the face of the mountain. Make the left onto the switchbacks to the top of the mountain. From the fireroad take the valley on the right (where the fireroad makes its hard-left switchback go straight, peel off to the left at the old wooden sign). The full loop is just over 7 miles.
Area Details: Great riding for this close to the Front Range (it's the closest trail to my house). Beginners can ride the face and back, making for an easy day, if you'd like to try bursting a lung go up the switchbacks or the fireroad. The area is fairly self-contatined, it's hard to get lost anywhere in there, just go where the bikes are. Also the only place close to me that doesn't hassle you about night riding.


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