Cheap Canon Powershot Carry Cases

Soft and Hard Cases for an SD400

A Cheap Soft Case for the Canon Powershot SD400

When I recently picked up a Canon Powershot SD400 to have as a pocket camera I noticed it didn't come with a case. Most of the soft-side cases I saw would have more than doubled the size of the camera, making it not so easy to put into my pocket (the whole point of the camera is its tiny size.) I started looking around for an inexpensive option that would at least protect the camera from scratches and dust. That's when I stumbled on the idea of using a Sunglass Hut cloth bag case. Currently the bags cost $7, which satisfies my requirement of being cheap. As a bonus, since the bag is a knock-off of the nice Oakley bags, I would have a cleaning cloth as well to wipe down the LCD (or lens if I really had to).

Canon SD400 with soft carry bags

This camera is small, like deck-of-cards small. According to DP Review the dimensions are 3.4 x 2.1 x 0.82in. The case from Sunglass Hut is roughly 6.5 inches long by 3 inches wide. I was using it and having to dig the camera out when I realized I could just cut off the end of the bag and re-sew it to the length I needed. Actually I realized that since I didn't own a sewing machine I could ask my mom to do it (plus she would make a way better cut and stitch than I ever could...) The result is what you see below, a handy, soft, cheap carry case for my little Canon camera. Since quite a few of the Powershot SD line are roughly the same size this would work for many of those cameras, the SD200, SD300, SD400, SD500, SD450, SD550, etc. Another bonus is the drawstring gives me something to hang onto, I could actually use a cheap little carabiner to clip it to a beltloop if I didn't have pockets for some reason.

Canon SD400 in soft carry bag

A Cheap Hard Case for the Canon Powershot SD400

A friend recently bought a Canon Powershot SD400 as well and believed the LCD to be the most fragile part. I hadn't had any problems carrying mine around in my cheap sunglass bag but I did start thinking about travel and how much abuse the things in my laptop bag go through, so I started thinking about a tougher case for it. At one point I put the camera and my mp3 player next to each other (a Creative Zen Micro) since I was planning to make a sunglass bag carry case for the mp3 player as well. That's when I realized the mp3 player and the camera were very nearly the same size. This got me thinking about stuffing the SD400 into an Altoids tin, since I had seen the Creative Zen Micro Altoids Tin case a while back.

Canon SD400 next to Altoids tin

Canon SD400 in Altoids tin

As you can tell it's not a perfect fit, but a little Dremel work makes it all better. Since the Altoids tin has a rolled edge that makes the lips bigger than the actual space inside the fit was just too tight. But taking a Dremel (I used a grinding stone) to smooth out the edges of the corners and the area the zoom lever rests. After a little work and some clean-up (don't forget to wipe the tin out well, it left a lot of metal shavings inside and those are fairly harmful to the camera itself), I discovered to my delight that the camera now fit perfectly. I could even close the lid and have it snap shut. A friend made the same case for his camera after we talked about it but he painted his. I believe that leaving the cover alone is a good idea, I can now leave me camera out in the open without fear of theft (most people will at least ask before taking a mint off your desk, so they never need know it's a camera inside instead.) Even better the tin fits inside the soft case I made from the sunglass bag, so I have the best of both worlds right now. Until people start asking why I carry my mints in a custom bag...

Canon SD400 in an Altoids tin

Modified corner of an Altoids tin


says: would an ipod 20g fit in an altoids box

Josh says: Pretty clever idea! Would the altoid box really protect the LCD screen? Have you had it for awhile?

Jason says: Great idea. Got an altoids case today and made up a great case. Thanks

Aleks Oniszczak says: I've had a Pentax Optio S and Optio S7 that both fit into Altoids tins with no modifications needed. Perfect fit.

says: THANKS!!

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