Sat: Nov 12, 2022

» Fake Dog for Home Security, simple with a motion sensor and a micro-controller, though this is using a Raspberry Pi     #

» Book Review: Albion’s Seed. That is an amazing read - I had no idea about the different bands of settlers, though the conclusions at the end are disturbing at best.     #

» Braun cruZer6 Battery Replacement. Did this on a cruzer5 with a pair of rechargeable AAA batteries I bought on Amazon and it worked perfectly. So glad to keep using something I like, and keeping something out of a landfill.     #

» How to translate French words WITHOUT KNOWING FRENCH (3 clever tricks). Neat how you can sometimes just reason out what it should be since English has so many borrowed words.     #

» Home Assistant Analytics is super interesting to me. In particular the integrations section shows what's most popular. The amount of Google Cast is baffling to me though, I wonder what it's being used for (or if it's just a default installed module...)     #

» An introduction to PipeWire, an audio framework for Linux that makes some really interesting things possible.     #

» 5 DIY Dog Projects. I really like RipStopByTheRoll as a company and their podcast is interesting. Their online catalog is a bit of a mess (the categorization and the path you have to go to find some things is not great) but I appreciate they exist.     #

» Make HEAVY DUTY analog inputs for Arduino / ESP32 / RaspPi projects using.... plumbing valves?! That's pretty genius using regular plumbing fixtures like that.     #

» Looria reddit recommendations. It's a bot that crawls sub-reddits and finds references to products. So maybe not recommended per se but if you think the most popular items get talked about the most it's worth checking out.     #

» Anthony Bourdain World Map, find all the places Anthony Bourdain ate while filming his shows.     #

» Cassette Tape Nostalgia. I have no idea how they got so many images but wow did I own a fair number of these...     #

» USB Benchmarks, I like that they also have runs over time meaning you can tell how well the USB drive holds up.     #

» Smokey Bear merchandise, old school cool right there.     #

» Weatherbase gives you historical weather trends (temperatures, moisture, etc) for a city it knows about. Really nice if you are traveling somewhere and trying to figure out what the weather might be like there...     #

Sun: Oct 16, 2022

» FIRST CLASS TRAIN Across Peru on the “Andean Explorer” (youtube video). That looks super interesting.     #

» BigTreeTech SKR Mini E3 V3 - Installation & Firmware, and the already compiled firmware direct from BigTreeTech's github. I'm not having great luck with 3D printing but I keep trying, hoping this upgrade and the BLTouch will fix some issues...     #

» List of Carnegie libraries in Colorado. I didn't even know that was a thing, interesting.     #

» BlueIris in a Docker container. BlueIris is a NVR (Network Video Recorder for your security cameras). I'd always known it to be a "you install this directly" kind of thing so seeing it in Docker is interesting.     #

» Real-Time Radiation World Map, their store also sets Geiger counters so you can contribute. Found this will poking around looking for Radon information (in particular a monitor I could integrate with Home Assistant...)     #

» How a Cable Modem Works. That's an impressive amount of detail in a short read, I'd known some of the pieces but I didn't realize that even the data was transmitted as an MPEG-2 stream.     #

Wed: Oct 05, 2022

» Why You Can't Walk to America's Newest Train Station. Because 'Merica of course.     #

» Picking up Free Lithium Cells Off the Street and Making them Safe for Use. That just seems like too much work...     #

» How to Clean Silicone. Some of my utensils are next to the stove top so they end up with a layer of gunk that just doesn't scrub off. I've had various luck running them through the dishwasher but I think I need to hit this more aggressive method...     #

» AndrOBD - OBD-II diagnostics from your phone. The Mini I have uses it's own extra language so I had to pay for BimmerTool but for everything else this seems super handy, and I've long had a Bluetooth adapter...     #

» Upgrades from Debian 10 (buster). Love the Debian notes and documentation, so comprehensive.     #

Tue: Sep 27, 2022

» Voice actors for Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I'd only very recently watched this and was blown away by the references and I just knew Mel Blanc was involved in some fashion. This is a pretty interesting list.     #

» United States: COVID-19 weekly death rate by vaccination status, All ages (note these rates are per 100k population, not absolute rates.) Sure shows the difference between vax and not...     #

» Caliper Battery Life. So THAT is why the batteries are always dead when I go to use mine! I'd taken to just removing the battery and keeping it in the plastic case. I've also had a real challenge trying to find actual SR44 batteries, every listing just says "LR44/SR44" as if they are identical.     #

» A Complete 'Westworld' Timeline & Recap from Season 1 to Season 4. That was helpful. I enjoyed the heck out of the show (and it's absolutely beautiful to watch) but not all the timelines made any sense...     #

» How a New Hampshire libertarian utopia was foiled by bears. That is deeply amusing to me.     #

Sat: Sep 24, 2022

» Making a $30 HDMI Camera Monitor. This is super clever, and I like how he made the acrylic case, good demo of how to do something interesting with limited tools.     #

Mon: Sep 12, 2022

» Making your own e-paper dashboard for home from scratch! I have a couple of the smaller versions of the screens, haven't really figured out my use for them yet but I have tinkered (using an ESP8266 to drive one and a Raspberry Pi Zero W for the other)     #

» Windsor Lake Trail Leadville. Did this hike last week and calling it "steep" doesn't begin to describe it. As always though Chai crushed it, waiting for me whenever there was a landing to stop...     #

» How to Disable Ad ID Tracking on iOS and Android, and Why You Should Do It Now. Do it, do it now!     #

» Radica Moonlander, I got a chance to see one in person and this is the only shell I'd consider for my truck... (There's a YouTube video review that's worth a watch as well.)     #

Wed: Aug 24, 2022

» How to Check Real USB Capacity in Linux Terminal. Every time I buy a thumb drive or SD card now I'm running through this just to be sure. Doubly so if it came from Amazon.     #

» Episode Calendar (for tracking what's on TV). I still prefer TV Calendar (and I'm a Premium member for that) but it's always good to be aware of alternatives.     #

» 3D printed switch plate identifiers. Those are fun. Also helpful in the dark to ID by touch.     #

» Guidance - Protect domains that do not send email. Interesting that it's from the UK Government. I've got policies in place for my domains and this one in particular still gets hit with Joe-Job attacks even thought I have everything set to "deny if not from my originating IP". I do however have a couple other domains that are not sending email at all, maybe I should run through this process on those...     #

» Facebook: Unfollow people and pages. I'm not much of a FB user but this is handy, bookmarking just in case.     #

» How To Configure Apache HTTP with MPM Event and PHP-FPM. I've been away from the cutting edge for a while (I guess it's just plain normal edge these days) so this was interesting to see, I imagine it's similar for setting up Python and Django as well.     #

» SetPose - pose-able 3d model of a person. That's pretty neat, if you were doing figure drawings and trying to see how things change that's a great way to look.     #

» an inside look into the illicit ad industry. As the conclusion observes - use an ad-blocker.     #

» Motherboards (AM4-socket for AMD Ryzen CPUs) Comparison. This is very comprehensive, when I'm ready to build a new machine I'll definitely be having a closer look.     #

Mon: Aug 15, 2022

» My 2022 EDC micro urban essentials kit. I appreciate the extensive review but wow, does he really carry all of that all the time he's out and about?     #

» Pillr Property Trends. This is fascinating, feed it a zip code and it'll generate a list of recent sales versus listed prices for homes. I immediately found one that actually sold for $30k less than listing, which I didn't think was even possible these days.     #

» Sending Spammers to Password Purgatory with Microsoft Power Automate and Cloudflare Workers KV. I like it.     #

» I ate at every Rainforest Cafe in the Country, a glutton for punishment for sure. Both in the food and the drive (all they did was eat and drive!)     #

» 3D printed radius calculator, that is very clever, if I manage to start getting successful prints I'll look into it.     #

» The Ashley Book of Knots. 628 pages! Yowza, that's a lot to process.     #

Sat: Aug 13, 2022

» GL.inet Flint Wifi Router, just tagging this in here in case I need to replace mine in the near future. Even though I use TomatoUSB right now I appreciate the fact this comes by default with OpenWRT.     #

Sun: Aug 07, 2022

» APC - Recycling Options. This is handy, they'll print out a pre-paid shipping label for you to send back your battery out of your UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). I've been dropping them off at my local Home Depot but this is a great option too.     #

» Knurled Knobs Generator (using a 3D printer of course...)     #

» Build Your Own X. Programming resources to re-create something you probably use all the time. Basically just a list of projects that have re-created other projects. Great for inspiration.     #

» keepass-diff, lets you compare Keepass password vaults, which is handy when you are using a sync program like Nextcloud that sometimes makes a "conflicted copy" archive if it can't figure out what's going on...     #

» The Video Archives Podcast with Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary. Definitely going to start listening to this...     #

» ODROID-HC4 with OLED. I've known O-Droid as an alternative to Raspberry Pi but this is interesting as a NAS device. It's an SBC (Single Board Computer) with two SATA ports built in so you can just plug two hard drives in and get running quickly. I've got my Pi4 system running well with external USB-3 drives but this is something I'm going to keep in mind if anything happens to that...     #

» Anyglove are drops that claim to turn your gloves into touch screen compatible. I've tried sewing conductive thread into my motorcycle gloves but that's a pain and gives a much larger contact area than I want (making it harder to be precise with the phone) so I'm going to try a bottle of each formula and hit all my gloves with it.     #

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