Wed: Mar 22, 2017

» Shipping container home. That is amazing, and since he hasn't cut into it he can still put it on an actual ship and send it places. I'm seriously impressed.     #

Mon: Mar 20, 2017

» Build your own PC case from scratch (how-to-guide). That came out really nice, this would make a slick HTPC.     #

Fri: Mar 17, 2017

» The most needed useless thing - spinner. I really enjoy the BrunS videos - he conveys a ton of meaning with no talking (kinda like MyFordBoy but with a faster pace.) Also watch twice, the second time watch the background, it's hilarious.     #

Wed: Mar 15, 2017

» How To Make A Quick-Release Ring Roller. Clever.     #

Tue: Mar 14, 2017

» Have I been pwned? Donate. Done, this guy has a great resource, deserves the be funded.     #

» Jefferson County Colorado Fire Restrictions and Bans. Looks like we are currently in a "Stage 2 ban". According to the Stage Two fire ban page this means that no open fires outside period. I mean they even call out Tiki torches! Seems pretty comprehensive, I wonder if there's a worse stage?     #

» Kitty Grabs Back Electric GoKart. I'm going to kick in on this just because I want to support the guy who made an awesome YouTube channel: Maker Project Lab.     #

» Slow Cooker Carnitas. This is a fantastic recipe, worked great even on the pork I'd had in the freezer for over 3 years that might have had some freezer burn on it...     #

Fri: Mar 10, 2017

» Make Your Own Naked Chicken Chalupa Because Taco Bell Is Taking Theirs Away. Huh, I should go see if my local Taco Bell has them and try it before it goes...     #

» Digital Privacy at the U.S Border: A New How-To Guide from EFF and some advice of what not to do: Stop Fabricating Travel Security Advice     #

» When Prince Made a Chambermaid His Queen For a Day. Entertaining, worth a read.     #

» Lockpick Laws in the United States. In case you wanted to carry a set (uhh, go Tennessee?)     #

Wed: Mar 08, 2017

» Denver Public Library - Studio. That's pretty fantastic, go DPL.     #

Sun: Mar 05, 2017

» Track Wi-Fi Devices In Your Home. Clever.     #

» If someone steals your phone, they can log into your Paypal account - even if the phone is locked. Basically it comes down to having text notifications be available on your screen. Personally I haven't seen any notifications that display that much actual info, just the first few words and an ellipses... Also, my PayPal account isn't attached to my Gmail account so there's zero chance that'd actually work. Still there are enough people out there this may work with you should at last be aware.     #

» Arduino Thermostat Project. I've been thinking about using a little ESP8266 to try and make my thermostat smarter but I'm not sure how motivated I actually am...     #

» Kick off and sail the skies with this personal aircraft. That is amazing, I'd love to have that.     #

» Wet Mount Scanning: How to Get the Highest Quality Film Scans at Home. I still think about going back to some of my old negatives...     #

» Breaking Up Feels Different for Men and Women.     #

» Maker Case. You give it the dimensions of a box you need and it'll give you a file for your laser cutter (though I wonder if it'll work for a CNC machine too?)     #

» How To (Really) Delete Your Uber Account. You can't just delete the app (I feel like people should know this?)     #

» Creating The "Tilt Shift" Look in Lightroom. Well that's simple enough.     #

Fri: Feb 24, 2017

» VPS Benchmarks. Nifty and handy...     #

» New Study Questions Ingredient Levels in Some Melatonin Supplements. Yikes, look at how variable the dosing is! Definitely will be watching for the USP logo...     #

» Bill Maher, Faulted for Booking Milo Yiannopoulos, Takes Credit for His Fall. I'd never heard of that dumbass Milo before he was on the show (and I was confused on why he was even there, he's not a smart or well-spoken as the normal guests) but I'm glad to see the repercussions against Milo after so I'd call that a net win.     #

Wed: Feb 22, 2017

» Sierra Trading Post’s Photo Contest is No Bargain. How does this rights-grab keep happening in photo contests? This crap has been going on for years and yet it seems like companies have to keep getting slapped down for this.     #

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