Sat: Apr 04, 2020

» The First Dog Ascent of a 7,000-Meter Himalayan Peak. I've taken Chai up a 14'er, that's more than half that height....     #

» How 'Blade' Saved Marvel — And Paved The Way For The MCU. I adore Blade, and especially the soundtrack.     #

» How to mount the android img file under linux? I can see some use in that...     #

» Smallest possible syntactically valid files of different types. If you've ever wondered what the smallest MPEG-4, or AWK file, or many others actually looks like, well here it is.     #

» Photo Printing Calculators, helps do the math when trying to decide what resolutions or sizes to print a photo.     #

» How can I change the date modified/created of a file? This came up because I wanted to sync some photo's creation dates with their EXIF data since I was backing them up daily with rsync and it wasn't preserving the times.     #

» unhosted web apps, a way of writing web apps using local client storage, nothing ever gets sent to a server.     #

Mon: Mar 23, 2020

» You can get my DevOps books free the rest of this month. I went ahead and picked them up (and paid), especially handy since we are using Ansible at work.     #

» Remove /Bypass Lockscreen With Recovery. Had to do this when I copied a nandroid backup from one phone to another, it had a lockscreen but my pattern didn't work.     #

Wed: Feb 12, 2020

» Punpedia, The Online Encyclopedia of Puns. Wait - there's ALPACA puns??     #

» Datasette, A tool for exploring and publishing data. Since Adobe Lightroom keeps all of the metadata about photos as an SQLite database I was thinking about using this as a simple way of exploring that.     #

» Notmuch -- Just an email system. From what I understand it's an external searchable index for local mail.     #

» Tutorial for TTP223 Touch Sensor Module ( Capacitive). I have a few of these, am using one as a momentary switch for a project (an ESP8266 using an interrupt on the pin the switch is wired to). Good basic info on this.     #

Sun: Feb 09, 2020

» OpenShot 2.5.0 Released. Nice, I backed this on Kickstarter (back when I was using Windows and wanted to make sure there was a decent open-source video editor available). I may give it another look though I'm primarily using KDenLive these days.     #

» i Hate Regex. Neat little testing playground with some good examples.     #

Sat: Feb 01, 2020

» Scottish Ice trip in Ben Nevis - with the Petzl Team     #

» diyHue, this project emulates a Philips Hue Bridge that is able to control ZigBee lights. I'm good with Home Assistant but this is good to know about.     #

» Deep Inside: A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars and Their Careers. Fascinating.     #

» What Are Those Hieroglyphics On Your Laptop Charger? I didn't know about the double boxes glyph, and the way of indicating positive and negative at the tip is clever.     #

» How to use KeePassXC with ssh-agent to secure private key access. Handy.     #

Thu: Jan 30, 2020

» how to use VLC to stream your desktop live. Nifty if you are doing screencasts or need someone else to see your screen.     #

» The Three (And a Half) Types of Fun, Explained. I've had plenty of type II fun, looking forward to more.     #

» etckeeper, makes a git backup of your /etc directory. Would have been super handy to have this when I had a system crash a week ago. Either way I'm installing it on everything Linux now...     #

» fetch kindle. A node.js script to retrieve books off your Kindle. I don't have a Kindle but this is worth a bookmark since you never know...     #

» Open Shell Menu - what was Classic Shell. For Windows 10, gives you back a sane Start menu like Win7 had.     #

» Get Calculator from Windows 8 and Windows 7 in Windows 10. Sweet, the Win10 giant calculator sucks.     #

» DJI Hacking HowTo Guides, wow, you can do a lot with those drones.     #

Wed: Jan 22, 2020

» Lost at Night. This is amazing, it's photographs taken from the International Space Station that the astronaut wasn't sure what they were photographing. So they are using crowd-sourcing to try and figure out the location in the photos.     #

» JeffCo Open Space Closures and Alerts. We have a ton of Open Space in Jefferson County (one of the reasons I live here!) and sometimes things get closed (always temporarily)...     #

Sun: Jan 19, 2020

» HomelabOS, Ansible scripts to help you self-host a whole bunch of things. While I like the effort of something like this I tend to want to run my own Docker setups and experiment in other ways. That being said, the real value in this kind of thing for me is the "Available Software" lists that always point me to something new and interesting I didn't know was available.     #

Sat: Jan 18, 2020

» The 10 Ultimate NM Hikes. When Chai and I road-tripped through Northern New Mexico in October I hadn't ever heard of the Ri?o Grande Gorge, but we made it a point to stop and walk out to the middle of the bridge (Chai was less enthusiastic about that than I was...) It's really amazing and just kind of comes out of nowhere on the road.     #

» Quick Home Assistant Shortcuts for Android. If you use a toggle (for a switch or something) frequently this may be the way to go.     #

» Canary domain - At some point the Pi-Hole folks will release a new version that has this by default, I'm looking forward to that.     #

» HOWTO: Using pi-hole as LAN DNS server. Neat-o, I'm tired of trying to remember my whole network...     #

» Geo Heatmap - Generate an interactive geo heatmap from your Google location data. This looks pretty cool but I have location data disabled (in "theory" Google isn't saving it). I wonder if it'd work for the alternative I do use, which just outputs GPX files.     #

» Z-Wave graph. Neat addition to my Home Assistant setup.     #

Mon: Jan 13, 2020

» Triple Divide Peak and Beyond. Huh, three watersheds, that looks neat.     #

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