Tue: Apr 17, 2012

Oak Park Mom Battles Zoning Over Veggie Garden. Ridiculous.     #>

Full Text RSS Feed Builder. Handy.     #>

Tax time pushes some Americans to take a hike. It's not easy when you live in-country, I can only imagine the pain of being out.     #>

Why Do Ancient Graphing Calculators Still Cost So Much? I still have an HP 48SX that has survived every "I'm going minimalist" purge I've ever had, I may be buried with that thing (I never would have passed most of my engineering classes without that thing.)     #>

How did cocaine get so cheap? Huh, didn't even know this was a thing.     #>

Summer Travel Ahead? Chimani National Park guides are free for a limited time. Just snagged every one they had since I never know when I might be near one of those parks...     #>

Watch Out, Best Buy, Ikea Will Soon Sell Their Own HDTV System And Itís Awesome. Of course it's awesome, it's Ikea!     #>

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