Thu: Apr 19, 2012

Comparing E-Readers And Tablets | November 2011. I'm still planning on the Nook Simple Touch Glow once it comes out but your reading style may vary enough it wouldn't work for you.     #> I'd call it a "Kickstarter for books". Pay in advance to have a book put out in the public domain.     #>

The Cost of Healthy Eating. I know people love to bag on Whole Foods (trust me, you aren't the first person ever to call it Whole Paycheck) but for the things I buy there (mostly non-processed) their prices simply aren't much different than the local grocery store and the quality is better. Of course I'm fortunate to have multiple grocery store options nearby and am not reliant on bodegas like folks who live in NYC...     #>

How to disable HTML5 video on YouTube with Firefox? Go into your "about:config" and set a couple things to false. My issue with HTML5 video (which YouTube randomly throws at me) is that they start auto-playing when I don't necessarily want them to. With Flash videos I run FlashBlock, so I have to explicitly click if I want to see the video, I wish HTML5 videos had that same option.     #>

Make It Count. Love it.


The Value of Our Produce     #>

Sell, Sell, Sell: Is There an Alternative? Some good points about the current state of outdoor adventuring.     #>

500px aims to take out Flickr with $20/year plan. Apparently I have a 500px account, something I found out when I started getting spammed from them, but I'm not sure if I've ever even logged in. Hopefully Flickr will use the competition to actually start caring about it's members though.     #>

DIY: Create Photographs Using Plant Matter!     #>

When orientation becomes a game. Great commercial.


There I Fixed It: Not Enough Space on Your Apartment Deck? Clever idea.     #>

Flip-Flop Sandal has 'Five Fingers'. I can only assume that they would stay on your feet better?     #>

SwissRoomBox. Neat idea but holy crap, you could buy a SylvanSport GO for as much as that thing costs.     #>

Poptop - The PPTP Server for Linux. I'm still working out the best way to fake being in the US when I am abroad (SOCKS proxy works great with everything except Flash video...)     #>

Going Solo. I am thrilled to live in an era where living alone is an option.     #>

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