Sun: Mar 05, 2017

Track Wi-Fi Devices In Your Home. Clever.     #>

If someone steals your phone, they can log into your Paypal account - even if the phone is locked. Basically it comes down to having text notifications be available on your screen. Personally I haven't seen any notifications that display that much actual info, just the first few words and an ellipses... Also, my PayPal account isn't attached to my Gmail account so there's zero chance that'd actually work. Still there are enough people out there this may work with you should at last be aware.     #>

Arduino Thermostat Project. I've been thinking about using a little ESP8266 to try and make my thermostat smarter but I'm not sure how motivated I actually am...     #>

Kick off and sail the skies with this personal aircraft. That is amazing, I'd love to have that.     #>

Wet Mount Scanning: How to Get the Highest Quality Film Scans at Home. I still think about going back to some of my old negatives...     #>

Breaking Up Feels Different for Men and Women.     #>

Maker Case. You give it the dimensions of a box you need and it'll give you a file for your laser cutter (though I wonder if it'll work for a CNC machine too?)     #>

How To (Really) Delete Your Uber Account. You can't just delete the app (I feel like people should know this?)     #>

Creating The "Tilt Shift" Look in Lightroom. Well that's simple enough.     #>

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