Wed: Jul 14, 2021

RouteConverter, Java tool to edit GPX files (from a GPS). I found it really handy dealing with the files from my Vietnam trip, trying to combine into one giant route over the 7 days.     #>

DeleteFB, python script that hooks into Chrome to delete Facebook items (posts/images) in case you want to scrub your history. Of course there's no way they are actually deleting things on their server but at least it won't be visible anymore to users.     #>

MQTT Explorer and MQTTCute. I ended up using MQTT Explorer when I was first setting MQTT up just to verify everything worked.     #>

TPLink Light Bulb Disco Mode. Not sure why this made me giggle but I might give it a try at some point.     #>

Carl Griffith's 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough Starter. I pointed this out to a few friends last year during the "everyone is making a sourdough during the pandemic" period. The thing is this is a good starter but after a few refreshes your local yeast are taking over anyway so it's not like in a couple months you'll be making "authentic Oregon trail bread".     #> and tldr pages - both online resources to make figuring out command line tools simpler.     #>

Self-hosted videos with HLS     #>

xsv is a command line program for indexing, slicing, analyzing, splitting and joining CSV files.     #>

Blynk Server, lets you build custom apps for your phone that do things as part of your home automation. I'd originally thought about using it for some MQTT stuff but that was when I was first experimenting with Home Assistant and now I just run the HA app.     #>

Software to verify the integrity of a flash/SD card? I've used F3 (Fight Flash Fraud) before but lately I've just been buying cards from Microcenter or Best Buy so at least I can be sure of them.     #>

Wera Koloss ratchet and hammer. Makes sense to combine those two functions...     #>

Off Grid Winch: Making a Flip Flop Winch. That's pretty genius.     #>

Mise-en-Place for Knowledge Workers: 6 Practices for Working Clean. I like the idea of some direction like this.     #>

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