Thu: Jul 15, 2021

Direct Flights from Denver. They do a bunch of cities but I live here so... Neat to see what my options are for direct flights.     #>

Cache Cap. I like the idea but the way I sweat this wouldn't work for anything besides a credit card...     #>

HTTP Digest/Basic Auth with Python Requests module. I built a power sensor for the house recently (that will text me if the outlet loses power, needed it for a basement freezer) and the ESP8266 runs Micropython which means it doesn't have the ability to just load and run the Twilio Python module, thus me trying to figure out how to do basic auth to call the API directly.     #>

Guide to Engineering Interviews for Notion. This is specific to Notion but oh how I wish all other companies had a guide like this. I've been doing interviewing lately (not seriously, I'm more enjoying my summer off) and the level of prep and info some companies give is just terrible.     #>

VSCode integration. Nifty.     #>

Ultimate Guide to Logging, for a variety of OSes and languages.     #>

99 Additional Bits of Unsolicited Advice. Took me a couple passes to get through, hard to read the whole list all at once.     #>

What if the worst happens? (Building a woodworking emergency kit). Great video, and it's something I've thought about before even viewing it.     #>, run-time passwords in bash (super handy for some things, I'm thinking about a time I could have used this for a script that called an API based on username and password...)     #>

Pintr Sketchbot. This is neat, upload an image and it'll give you a "point to point sketch" output. I can totally see using something like this for a social media avatar.     #>

The School for Sysadmins Who Can’t Timesync Good and Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too. Of course systemd throws ntp out the window, you can check your status with systemctl status systemd-timesyncd.service     #>

Periodic Table, wow I wish I had that in college!     #>

Index of MDI Icons that are suitable for Home Assistant. Interesting way of adding the full list of icons available into your Home Assistant panels itself. All I was really looking for was a simple list though, this seems overkill (I'd tweaked something the other day and had no idea what my icon choices were for it.) What I really wanted was just the raw git list of icons, which I'll just bookmark instead.     #>

DevOps Roadmap, seems overwhelming and I already know a bunch of it...     #>

My Personal Creed of Employment. I like that.     #>

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