Thu: Jul 22, 2021

speedtest-influxdb. Writes speedtest results into an influxdb instance. I'm just using Home Assistant and letting it push the data over as part of the sensor module but this is still handy.     #>

Log2Ram, does what it says, writes logs to ram rather than a flash card. I've taken to using this on all my Raspberry Pi systems to save the SD cards.     #>

ESP32 Water Leak Detector (with notification). I had no idea the ESP32 had capacitive touch GPIO ports.     #>

A visual guide to SSH tunnels. Handy.     #>

Trick Decks for Magic. I noticed the book was on sale at Amazon for 99 cents so why not.     #>

My Philosophy on Alerting. Oh, the "only alert on something actionable" was a bugbear in my last role, that damn system alerted on everything at all hours of the day. Fortunately while I was there we at least started implementing low-priority alerts that would only trigger your phone during waking hours.     #>

Template Maker. Neat, makes all kinds of shapes out of flexible material (like paper).     #>

Upgrade Kubuntu from 20.10 to 21.04. Desktop done, probably knock out the laptop soon.     #>

AWS Instance Type Cheat Sheet. There's just so many types, crazy you need a cheat sheet.     #>

Automated Hydroponic System Build. Very very comprehensive.     #>

MQTT connectivity for the Ikea VINDRIKTNING. That's fantastic, now if you could just find one in a store...     #>

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