Sat: Sep 18, 2021

Home Assistant - auto restart SpeedTest. Been using this for a couple weeks and it's working great. Previously I'd notice SpeedTest would just flatline in HA and I'd have to restart to get it running again.     #>

Lloyds auction of Mad Max Fury Road vehicles. Amazing, I cannot imagine any of them going for cheap though.     #>

How to Enable PipeWire Audio Service to Replace PulseAudio in Ubuntu 21.04. Followed this on a lark the other day and it's working great. Haven't tried with bluetooth headphones yet but that's apparently where PipeWire really shines.     #>

The dark patterns of Network Solutions. Oh man, I remember when NetSol was the only domain registrar you could use, hundred bucks a year and a hostile attitude. I was so happy when other registrars were finally able to get up and running.     #>

A Step-By-Step Guide To Adding Your Vaccine Record To Your Digital Colorado ID. Followed this and never got a confirmation or anything but it showed up a few days later. A fiend did it and he DID get a confirmation and it showed up a few days later.     #>

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