Thu: Dec 30, 2021

Girls Gone Wide - Offwidth Climbing in Vedauwoo Wyoming. Every single time I go to Vedauwoo I bleed, even when I'm not actually climbing... Those rocks are crazy sharp.     #>

Oibaf - Updated Open Graphics Drivers. I've been perpetually fighting with the official AMD Radeon graphics drivers in my Linux system and for some reason at random the driver would die, leaving me with a black screen and completely un-responsive system (cannot even SSH to it). Installing these drivers from the PPA seems to have completely cleared that up, no more issues since then.     #>

WALK AROUND of my home built flatbed camper on 1st gen Tacoma! Looks great. Every once in a while I think about building out something like this but the debate between this and a teardrop trailer makes me wonder if I'll ever get around to either.     #>

Walking the World: Bucharest. I've been to Bucharest four or five times and enjoyed every minute of it, never had a bad experience there. Definitely on my top 5 favorite places to travel.     #>

3D Interactive Globes, so amazing to just scroll around. I did the Terrain globe, scroll around to just the Pacific Ocean, it's astounding how far out there Hawaii is and how far from the West Coast of the US to Australia (I've made that flight a couple times so I know it's long but this really puts it into perspective.)     #>

Raspberry Pi holds its own against low-cost ARM NAS, and the Youtube version. I'm running a Pi4 in my garage as a backup but just using a couple external hard drives with USB3 connections. Also encrypting everything on the two drives so a power outage does require a bit of me logging in and re-mounting the drives (though I also have a small UPS on it and I'm pretty sure that lasts for a couple hours when the drives are in stand-by mode).     #>

The Ariens 1960's and 1970's Sno-Thro Info Site! This is one of those sites that the Internet shines for, being able to dig up info on old snowblowers is just amazing. Over the summer I was looking to upgrade my old Craftsman tracked blower (has treads instead of drive wheels) and I was seeing some old Ariens show up on Craigslist, then I found this site that helped me narrow down when they were manufactured.     #>

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