Sun: Jul 10, 2022

How to unchoke yourself if you're dying alone. Practical, AND hilarious!     #>

New survey reveals which wild animals Americans think they could beat in a fight. Hahaha, what??? "A new survey revealed that 6 percent of Americans believe that they could fight a grizzly bear unarmed and win."     #>

Jasco Zwave Firmware. This is awesome, now that Home Assistant (and ZWaveJS) have the ability to upgrade firmware for local devices I went looking to see if any of mine actually have new firmware available. Turns out Jasco (which is also a "GE" device in my instance) has a whole Github repo with all of their firmwares. I think that's a great way of distributing, I could in theory just clone the whole repo and have everything if I wanted it.     #>

Passive BLE Monitor integration, for Home Assistant. You assign your Bluetooth device to HA and it'll read sensors for you. I'm currently running HA on a NAS (old desktop computer) running Docker, wonder how well this would work...     #>

How to pronounce Zulu Clicks, super interesting, ever since hearing the clicks in The Gods Must Be Crazy I've wondered about this.     #>

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