Wed: Apr 25, 2018

» Home automation with Raspberry Pi + Homebridge. Seems fairly comprehensive.     #

» zuluCrypt, a Linux-only filesystem encryption application. Will also open TrueCrypt and VeraCrypt files and partitions. As I transition more of my personal workflow over to Linux this is going to be integral.     #

» DeskDock Controls Your Android Device With Your Computer's Keyboard and Mouse. Definitely handy if you have an Android tablet... Looks like the Pro version is five bucks.     #

» MuscleWiki. That's kind of awesome - click on a muscle and it'll show you exercises just to hit that one, including videos.     #

» Learn This: Efficient Transitions Using the Clove Hitch Backside. This seems to assume that you are immediately rappelling, and not climbing another pitch.     #

» rclone - rsync for cloud storage. Quite a list of services that can be synced with.     #

» Google Ads Settings. At least you can see what they think you might like (I've clicked the X on every single thing, hopefully it'll mess that system up.)     #

» How to create an HTML checkbox with a clickable label. Seems simple enough.     #

» Conversational Terrorism. I've seen (heard) a few of those before...     #

» A more privacy-friendly blog. Removing tracking from a private website.     #

Tue: Apr 24, 2018

» ESP8266 (WiFi) + Camera Tutorial. That's pretty slick, he's attached a camera to a door sensor so every time it opens it sends a photo to Slack (but really you can send it anywhere). I think it's a better option than trying for motion capture. Plus this uses a battery so it's portable.     #

Mon: Apr 23, 2018

» OBD II Power Supply Cable. Huh, that's pretty nifty, does that mean it saves your radio's presets and stuff?     #

» What Your Instant Pot Buttons Mean. It does more than just make hard-boiled eggs??     #

» Powder Ghost Towns, a nice list on CalTopo of ghost towns you can skin into and ski out of.     #

» Puppy Justice. Those are hilarious, court interactions using dogs.     #

» Restoring TWRP backup to a new phone. This actually worked for me - while my screen was shattered it still worked enough for me to get a solid TWRP backup made. Then I moved that backup to my computer, edited the "recovery.log" to search and replace the serial numbers, then restore that backup onto my new phone. And voila! Almost everything worked, what didn't was my original PIN, but I fixed that with: [FIX] Wrong Pin/Pattern when restoring TWRP Nandroid Backup, and apps that hard security hardware ties (a couple things like my 2 factor authentication apps for work).     #

Fri: Apr 20, 2018

» Motorola Moto G5 Plus Teardown and Reassemble Guide. Sigh, I dropped my phone flat on the concrete last Friday which in my experience is the easiest way to destroy the screen. I found a replacement phone and managed to get swapped over easy enough but now I want to fix the original one and have it (as a backup maybe...) I've also thought about maybe just swapping the system board out, then nothing changes as far as my apps and such. There's also the iFixit Moto G5 Plus screen repair. The unfortunate part is the replacement screens are all terrible in their own way, I wish you could buy actual OEM replacement pieces.     #

Wed: Apr 18, 2018

» Carbon Arc Torch. That's kind of amazing, I had no idea that existed but definitely see a place for it in the shop.     #

Mon: Apr 16, 2018

» Monty Python is Coming to Netflix. Hooray! Should have landed yesterday...     #

» Portable DVD Player gets Raspberry Pi Zero Upgrade. Holy crap, that's genius. I have one of those DVD players in the basement just sitting there...     #

» Learning to Weld with 6013 and 7014 Electrodes. Great reference, I keep meaning to get back to the arc welder (I picked up a nice Lincoln wire-feed not too long ago, it's a massive step up from the Harbor Freight one I was using, works sooo much better on thin-walled square tube.)     #

» Climbing or Porn. Hahaha, you have to decide just based on the audio clips. Pretty much not safe for work.     #

» Canadian surgeons urge people to throw out bristle BBQ brushes. Apparently a lot of wire bristled grill brushes tend to lose the wires which can end up in food and swallowed, and it's not good. I'm more of the "run the grill on high and incinerate everything" type of griller.     #

» Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Custom Workbench LED Lamp!. Awesome.     #

» Edit your rooted Android hosts file to block ad servers. I'm blocking, it's astounding how many apps use that damn thing when I've never tied any app to a FB account.     #

» Space trailers. I like the concept but once again I find myself wondering "how much does the damn thing actually cost?" I hate how hidden these trailer companies are, why can't they just be up-front about pricing?     #

» DietPi, a light-weight distribution (aka "distro") for single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi. Since I use mine as more of a home server than anything I don't need Wolfram or even a desktop installed. This strips most of that out and is considerably lighter on resources than say Raspbian.     #

» Iridium YouTube Extension. I'm still muddling along with YouTubeCenter but I'd love it if the idiots at YouTube would look and take some ideas from these extensions so we just don't need them. There's no reason for the experience to be as bad as it is.     #

» CodeIgniter - Upgrading from 2.2.x to 3.0.x. Solid set of docs, and I was coming from 2.1.x even. Ran into a couple hiccups but overall this doc was a great help.     #

» For $5000, Chevy Will Let You Assemble Your Corvette Z06’s Engine Yourself. That would be an amazing experience. I drove a Z06 last year in Vegas through Dream Racing and stomping on the gas pedal for the straight-away felt like being kicked in the chest, it was incredible.     #

» OKCupid's "removed" Visitor API. Interesting.     #

» How to Install PHP 5.6 on Ubuntu 16.04 & Debian 9. Very helpful since I have some stuff just not ready for PHP7 yet.     #

» The dots do matter: how to scam a Gmail user. I have a secondary gmail account that I never intentionally use (yet) though I do log in regularly just to check it. I'm still astounded at the amount of people who don't know that's not their email address - and the idiotic companies that don't do any email verification. I've gotten everything from resumes to hotel reservations to the primary account for a Verizon FIOS installation.     #

Sun: Apr 15, 2018

» UPnProxy: Blackhat Proxies via NAT Injections. PDF paper. And yikes.     #

Sat: Apr 14, 2018

» Star Wars: The Clone Wars Chronological Episode Order. The show gets recommended quite a bit online, this is the order you should be watching to get the most out of it.     #

Fri: Apr 06, 2018

» Southwest Denver (Images of America). Interesting.     #

» hacker-scripts. In spite of the name "smack-my-bitch-up" is hilarious.     #

» Showing The Weather In Tmux. Nifty.     #

» Why Google's CardDAV server isn't. Almost none of Google stuff actually follows standards, it's so incredibly frustrating.     #

» US Heartworm Map. Interesting to see that there's places where it basically doesn't exist.     #

Sun: Apr 01, 2018

» Father in Law Speech. Made me laugh.     #

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