Tue: Aug 07, 2018

» Why a Typical Home Solar Setup Does Not Work With the Grid Down - And What You Can Do About It. This is really long and absolutely worth reading, I learned a ton (and I'm one of those people with grid-tied rooftop solar...)     #

» Thinkpad Motherboards. Update some classic Thinkpad chassis with a new motherboard that has all kinds of updated stuff (support for new processors, etc). Some people really value those older screens and keyboards, this lets you turn it into something modern.     #

Mon: Aug 06, 2018

» TLP – Linux Advanced Power Management     #

» Access Termux via USB. That's really neat.     #

» Tools to tweak Windows 10 Privacy settings and fix privacy issues. Just the fact these have to exist says a lot about the crap that is Win10.     #

Sat: Aug 04, 2018

» GPU Database. Good for comparisons if you are in the market for a new video card.     #

» Arduino Dali Clock, now with Neon 80s Cyber Styling. That's pretty awesome.     #

Fri: Aug 03, 2018

» XANDEM Home Review - Is This Future of Home Security? I like the idea but having a dog kind of makes this sort of automation a non-starter (she'd trip the sensors constantly...) If you are interested, instead of under some heading that makes sense the purchase option is under the Xandem "Product" heading on the website.     #

» Melatonin: Much More Than You Wanted To Know. That's pretty interesting to me, I take melatonin sometimes (but never at 5pm like this says). And the tablets from Costco are 3mg, time to split them up, I think I'm going to try and quarter them.     #

Sat: Jul 28, 2018

» Can a Raspberry Pi be used to create a backup of itself? I've switched my main system over to DietPi which includes a backup tool, but this is still interesting.     #

» JeffCo Assessor Property Records Search. There's so many homes for sale in my neighborhood and you can find the history for each here, love having this kind of information available.     #

» Sorter is a webapp to organize ideas, tasks and information using bullet points and hashtags. Kind of an outliner but mixed with the idea of personal productivity...     #

» Masterclass – Tcpdump – Interpreting Output. I don't always need it but when I do it's invaluable.     #

» Email Self-Defense, using PGP encryption to protect your email.     #

» youtube_channel_archiver. Interesting.     #

» Video Hub App. Think of it as "YouTube for your local computer". It'll scan a directory you choose and build thumbnails and such and present it in a nice interface.     #

Sun: Jul 22, 2018

» 11 Places to SUP Within an Hour Drive of Denver. I wish they'd have included where I can take my dog with me on the board, I only know of one place (and it's in Longmont.)     #

Tue: Jul 17, 2018

» OWSOO 801 1080p WiFi IP Camera. I have a couple cameras outside (which aren't meant to be outdoor cameras) but as long as they stay under the eaves of the house they do ok. Someday though they will stop working so I keep tabs on alternatives like this...     #

» Salt and Vinegar Roasted Almonds. Definitely making these.     #

» Wifi Passwords from Airports. If I was still traveling regularly I'd be allll over this...     #

» Notes on the setup of a fresh GNU Radio. I'd seen a demo video of using GNU Radio and an SDR dongle to capture the 433Mhz signal from a regular weather station and thought I might give it a go (just waiting on my dongle to show up...) Will be using these notes for sure.     #

» RasPad - RasberryPi tablet. Really decent price for a tablet and you get a real Unix environment. I'm pretty tempted to grab one of these...     #

» signal-weechat, using the Signal messenger via IRC.     #

Sun: Jul 15, 2018

» Raspberry Pi, Send Me a Letter. I hadn't heard about SSMTP before, I like that it can connect as a real user.     #

» Colorado Front Range. For those not in the know, the "front range" is the first set of mountains as Colorado rises out of the plains (also where the biggest cities are...) This is a neat photo that shows the major mountain ranges from South to North.     #

» Getting Work Done in Zim. This is pretty fantastic, I've been wanting to start using a personal Wiki at work for a while, this is just what I needed to get started...     #

» Share Your ownCloud Calendar with Your Friends. Interesting idea, pulling it as an .ics file and then just share via a normal web server.     #

» A Dive Into The Lending Club Data. Interesting visualization, wonder how it's held up since it was published.     #

» How To Install and Use Logwatch Log Analyzer and Reporter on a VPS     #

» Making Sure All The Photos in Your Lightroom Catalog Have Your Copyright Info Embedded. Finally got around to doing this, looks like most of them were from old phones that didn't have any copyright (or any IPTC info) embedded during the capture...     #

» Create a Browser-Based Photobooth with JavaScript, PHP and Twilio. Twilio so that the photos actually get sent to your phone via MMS, which is an interesting twist on the ol' photo booth.     #

» Giant Photostrips. Clever and not a bad price (currently 2 for $20).     #

» An Intro to Plasma Pattern Cutting. Huh, I didn't realize I can drag the tip of mine straight on the metal, good to know.     #

Tue: Jul 10, 2018

» Empty industrial barrels bought on Craigslist present deadly dangers. Yikes, I've bought a couple off Craigslist...     #

» Linear Track Makes Plasma Cuts Neat And Simple. More complicated than my typical "clamp some angle iron on the piece and cut" but I bet it makes more precise cuts...     #

» Why Do I Procrastinate? The website will walk you through a series of questions so you can understand why you are putting something off. Neat idea.     #

» Ikea Tradfri Hacking. I like the idea of it but I decided it was just cheaper and easier to get a couple of Z-Wave light bulbs straight from Monoprice and do the control out of Home Assistant running on my Rasberry Pi...     #

» Fauxmo - Emulated Belkin WeMo devices that work with the Amazon Echo. Basically make your ESP or Arduino micro-controller projects look like a WeMo device that an Echo can control.     #

» GCSF - a FUSE file system based on Google Drive. Lets you just mount your Google Drive into your machine and use it like you'd use any other drive.     #

» Android Auto on Raspberry Pi: OpenAuto. Oh, neat.     #

Mon: Jul 09, 2018

» Using KDE Connect to Sync your Android Device with Your Linux Computer. I've started using this on my laptop and it's fantastic, had no idea such a thing existed.     #

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