Wed: May 29, 2019

» SR-71 Cockpit Checkout. Wow, there's a lot happening on that panel...     #

Wed: May 08, 2019

» How to configure Backblaze B2 with Duplicity on Linux     #

» Claudio - WakeUp Alarm based on ESP32. Nifty.     #

» How to create a dark\light mode switch in CSS and Javascript. Neat, wish more sites had this.     #

» Frequency Check. Nice, give it a mobile phone you want to use and it'll tell you if you can actually get on the right cell phone bands (as in if you can get service with it.) I'd been debating getting a Pocophone F1, this tells me how well it'd work.     #

» AFTER A DEATH OCCURS: A CHECKLIST, this is for Washington State in particular but there's still good advice in there.     #

Mon: Apr 15, 2019

» Dog and cat data - focused on Australia but this is a neat breakdown of public data.     #

» Reddit User Analyzer. Interesting.     #

» Default Filename TV. This is genius - it just auto loads videos on youtube that are the default filename a camera generates. This definitely implies no editing, nothing slick about it, just straight from a camera (or cell phone) into youtube.     #

Sat: Apr 13, 2019

» Mike Mullane - Normalisation of deviance - IAFF - Part 1. This is amazing and well worth watching. Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.     #

Sat: Mar 30, 2019

» How to use KeePassXC with ssh-agent to secure private key access. This is fantastic, just got it setup.     #

» Bypassing Netgear Extender Registration. I thought it was absolutely crap that they required a "cloud login" just to use an extender. I ended up returning it anyway (had some issues with it changing the MAC addresses of things when they passed through the extender) but this infuriated me, it's not listed anywhere on the package.     #

» Which Windows 7 updates should you avoid, and why? I'm down to Win7 in a virtual machine but this is still good to know.     #

» Getting Ahead By Being Inefficient. Interesting.     #

» Know Who's at the Office with the Raspberry Pi. I've always liked the idea behind this, an easy way to set home automation if you are around.     #

» About Face - Death and surrender to power in the clothing of men. This is very sad and worth reading to the end.     #

» Hack My House: Raspberry Pi as a Touchscreen Thermostat. Unfortunately my boiler/thermostat doesn't have a 24v hot wire, so these kinds of things are limited to me (I'd have to figure out how to get power to the pi.     #

» The David Bernhardt Scandal Tracker. Goddammit that we even need these kinds of articles.     #

» A city where all the traffic lights are green? I like that there's a free app, may give it a spin.     #

» Comedians Jimmy Carr, Chris Hardwick, Eddie Izzard & Tim Minchin talk comedy. Made me laugh.     #

» Turning a Car Parking Monitor Into a $25 DIY External DSLR Screen. Genius.     #

» Pinball Map, a crowdsourced pinball locator for public pinball machines. And we have a mobile app! Oh yes.     #

» The World's Best TRAVEL PANTS. I like the idea but the thought of buying in on something like this without being able to even try them on just stops me in my tracks.     #

» Warning Signs of suicide     #

» Endlessh: an SSH Tarpit. I like the idea, I'll probably run this on some of my Internet-facing systems.     #

» TruePeopleSearch Removals. I strongly recommend everyone go through this - just the basic search for my cell phone brought up some true and a whole mass of incorrect information, there's no reason for it to stay out there.     #

» Exodus Privacy - Trackers. This is a browser add-on that will show you how many trackers an app listed on the Google Play Store actually includes, which is fantastic.     #

» Outdoor Cremations. That's fantastic, a funeral pyre!     #

» HomelabOS. I like all of the options there, and the fact you can install over the top of your own system (provided it's running Ubuntu 18.10). I turned my last desktop into a "NAS" running in the basement and since it's running an old version of Linux Mint I've been looking for a better way to use it, I think this is going to fit the bill.     #

» Trump Government Departures. Just the fact there needs to be a spreadsheet to track all of these is incredible.     #

Mon: Feb 25, 2019

» Devices recently connected to the network. I like the idea of keeping track of what's showing up when.     #

» GPIO Zero, abstraction for Raspberry Pi GPIO pins in Python. I've got an idea in mind for a pi-zero, I'll probably end up using this (hopefully it supports SPI to a display).     #

» Firefox displays wrong colors on image (only Linux). I ran into this when I was fiddling with DisplayCAL and ArgyllCMS. Turns out you have to go to about:config and set gfx.color_management.mode from 2 to 0. After a quick restart everything was good (images to me looked like a weird split-tone with greyscale.)     #

» Road Trip Ideas. They are only in 3 countries and the default is Australia. I just clicked on "Get Trip" which will show you Sydney to Melbourne, and I love the results. Maybe next time I get down there I'll give it a go.     #

» National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. Click on your state and put your name in, who knows, you might have money due to you.     #

Fri: Feb 15, 2019

» What Is Your Conversational Style: Bowling, Rugby or Basketball?. Interesting.     #

Sat: Feb 09, 2019

» Lock Up Your Untrusted Applications in Firejail. Good to know.     #

» AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 Drivers & Support. Bookmarked.     #

» Howard Payne & Deviant Ollam - This Key is Your Key, This Key is My Key. This is well worth a watch, about how much physical key re-use there is (so many locks open with one key!)     #

» Magic SysRq key. For some reason my AMD Vega56 GPU will sometimes just crash, so I end up using "reisub" to cleanly reboot the system (still trying to find a way to restore the GPU but so far no luck.)     #

» Sunwait, what I'm using to control my TPLink wifi lightbulbs. I have a cron job that runs every day at 4pm and says "wait until twilight, then turn on the light". It's been working great for months.     #

» 3rd Party Repository: contrib. Still need my old Win7 desktop to run Lightroom...     #

» tplink-lightbulb and TP-Link A19-LB130 Wifi Bulb Python Library. I picked up a couple of these refurbed and like them. I'm using a sunset algorithm and the tplink-lightbulb Node script to control it (automatically turns on at sunset, turns off at a scheduled time). Of course the first thing I did after installing them was block them at the router because there's no way I'm letting anything like that leak out of my local network...     #

» KDE Common Keyboard Shortcuts     #

Mon: Jan 07, 2019

» Investigating Apps interactions with Facebook on Android. This is ridiculous.     #

» Compiling NodeMCU for the ESP32 With Support for Public-Private Key Encryption     #

» Custom Cables for Solderless Breadboards. Clever.     #

Sat: Dec 22, 2018

» Linux Installers for Linux Gamers, in case you made the switch like me and still want to play some games... Also see Wine - Useful Registry Keys and How to install Unreal Tournament 2004 by Midway on Linux     #

» Top Ten Hardest Woods, if you want to tear up your tools... (And who knew there was a Wood Database?)     #

» Killed by Google, where good projects go to die.     #

» Traveling with Me is a Nightmare. Not true, the people I know who are good at travel (and airports), like me, have their systems and processes to make things simple.     #

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