Fri: Dec 04, 2020

» Colorado Isn’t The Desert. A Sustainable Lawn Doesn’t Have To Be Rocks, Cacti And Ugly. I've gotten more into this kind of thing over the last few years (after converting the last of the grass in the front yard to rock a few years back.) I'm keeping the lawn in the back yard so the dog has somewhere comfortable to hang out but I'm also planting more native things around the edges. I've had good luck with High Country Gardens and I like how they plan their shipping times around the right planting times (so you can buy what you need now and they'll ship it to you when it's a good time to plant.)     #

» Awesome Home Assistant. Over the years the "Awesome..." list has come up as a curated list of a particular focus. The only issue I have with some of these is how often they are updated since Home Assistant is constantly being updated these days (I think they release every week or two?)     #

» Log2Ram will write your system logs to RAM rather than the local filesystem. This is especially good for a Rasberry Pi to save the SD card from corruption or running out of write-space. I've installed it on several of my Pi systems since they are meant to only do one thing, they don't need any kind of permanent logs, though this does do a daily sync to the filesystem (just prevents constant writing).     #

» Linux Iptables Just Block By Country. I have a couple servers I've just taken to blocking for Russia and China since it's just a constant string of SSH and HTTP attempts on the server...     #

» Pygmy - python URL shortener. I've been wondering how imgur creates their seven-character distinct urls and that got me down a rabbit hole of URL shorteners and the tricks they use.     #

» Apache HTTP Server Docs. I've seen a few of this "new style" of online documentation and I have to say I'm a huge fan, it just makes things so readable and easy to find what you need. Something like the Modules for Ansible is amazing, and the left side is a solid index in case you need other things.     #

» Read and write MP3 tags with Perl and manage your music files. I've had this open as a browser tab for literally years but as time goes on I just use Spotify and Radio Paradise more and more. Having fiber-to-the-home and decent wifi has really changed things for my music habits.     #

» Do I Leak? Tells you about RTC and DNS leaking your IP address, more helpful if you are using a VPN or Proxy.     #

» Compressing and enhancing hand-written notes. It's amazing to me the amount of work some individuals are willing to put into scratching their own itch, in this case taking a photo of hand writing and getting the best, most readable result.     #

» Fred's ImageMagick Scripts. Pretty sure I've linked to this before but it's such a mind-boggling large resource it's worth having another look.     #

» 4 Commands to Wipe Disk on Linux. I ended up using 'shred' on a couple of external drives I plan to donate.     #

» Farewell Etaoin Shrdlu, a documentary on the last run of a Linotype set newspaper in 1978. I had no idea they set the individual characters and then cast the entire headline out of molten lead, I mean the amount of work going into one single news run is crazy. Also interesting that they show deaf workers using sign language, which in a shop that noisy is such a great idea.     #

Thu: Dec 03, 2020

» Thumbnails & Screenshots using FFmpeg. Handy. using the do-everything-to-video tool...     #

» TTGO ESP32 Module With Multiple Personalities. I don't know why I need a couple of these I'm just sure I do... Though the places I tend to put my ESP sensors don't benefit from a display at all.     #

» My Eight-Year Quest to Digitize 45 Videotapes (Part 1) and My Eight-Year Quest to Digitize 45 Videotapes (Part 2). I found this entertaining and I can sympathize...     #

» How to Wax Skis: Step-By-Step Guide and the Gear You’ll Need. That's not a bad guide, and I was surprised a few years back to find how cheap ski vises had gotten, I have a set in the garage now.     #

» Raspberry Pi on Internet via reverse SSH tunnel. This is an interesting solution to being able to reach a home system when you may not have access to the router (I only purchase routers I can do what I need to with, but for less technical people I get it). Also see the list at Awesome Tunneling     #

Tue: Dec 01, 2020

» I'll Let Myself In: Tactics of Physical Pen Testers. Watched this in patches over the last couple days and was really impressed with the techniques and stories, worth a watch.     #

Mon: Nov 30, 2020

» ESP8266HueEmulator. Neato, lets you use an ESP8266 to pretend to be a Philips Hue bridge, meaning you don't have to buy the bridge to use the bulbs (and you can attach a strip of LEDs to the ESP8266 and control it via the Hue app on your phone...)     #

Sat: Nov 28, 2020

» Automatic Scoring for the Executive Par 3 Golf Game. That's pretty neat, a combo of skeeball and indoor putting.     #

» There’s still one way you can see “The Nutcracker” in Colorado this Christmas season. That's pretty cool of them.     #

» Slagcoin Layout. I've had the pieces for this for over a year, last weekend I picked up a really like Birch plywood panel, I think it's time to get this together. My plan is to make a box that exposes the HDMI out on the back so I can carry it to other people's house but also make a metal frame with a permanent monitor mounted for the basement...     #

» DIY Video Doorbell with Voice Response. I got a couple of the ESP32Cam devices just out of curiosity and the one I tossed into the garage has impressive picture output in spite of the challenges of being in the garage. I can definitely see it'd work well for a video doorbell.     #

Fri: Nov 27, 2020

» Motorcycle Specifications Database. Well that's just handy.     #

» Engineering Your Way To Better Sourdough (and Other Fermented Goods). I need one of those "Chambers". Been on a real kick lately...     #

» Manual Work is a Bug. This speaks to me on so many levels, especially in my current role at work. I've become so well known as "the automation guy" that it became 50% of my performance review this year. Previously we'd had ok-documented steps but they required you to keep Confluence open and copy/paste every command into your SSH session. I've gotten Ansible into place and have written so many bash scripts the past two years that I've lost count. I've joked before that I'd be a terrible employee on an assembly line considering how much I hate repetition at work...     #

» speedtest-influxdb. Since I got fiber to the home I've been wanting to track this better so I thought tossing right into my InfluxDB database would be the right way. However I've settled on using an integration in Home Assistant and just letting HASS put the data into the database along with all my other sensor data anyway.There's actually a few repositories for this kind of tool, this one looks nice also and has helpful documentation... Collector For InfluxDB and Grafana.     #

» Chemistry of Cast Iron Seasoning: A Science-Based How-To. This is the most obsessive thing I've read about how to properly season cast iron. I only have one cast iron pan I use regularly, I'm going to give this a try.     #

» Vector Ruler Generator. Neato, creates rulers of whatever length and increments that you can laser etch (or cut?) or even just print. I'm thinking about printing one and taping it to my workbench with packing tape, having a ruler on the edge of many surfaces can be handy.     #

Wed: Oct 21, 2020

» How to disable autorefresh in snap. Snap packages (starting to become the default in Ubuntu) just update whenever the hell they feel like it. This is how you disable this so you have some control over your own system.     #

Thu: Sep 24, 2020

» Backing up Termux. I have a job on my phone (using TitaniumBackup) to take backups of all apps and data, then every week I just run an rsync from my phone to a spot on my desktop computer, so in theory I have all of these. Could be very handy to do with something like a MicroSD card (or thumbdrive using a USB OTG cable)     #

» Access Termux via USB. I'm not sure why I'd do that but it's still neat.     #

» Dockerfile reference. Haven't gotten to the point of building my own Docker images yet but this will be handy then...     #

» espurna ESP8266 and ESP32 firmware. If I ever decide to stop using Micropython maybe I'll give this a whirl. I've also recently had good luck with ESPHome for some particular things (made it very easy to get a couple of ESP32-Camera devices setup).     #

» Facebook has an Offline Activity Tool that supposedly shows what they know about you outside of Facebook itself. I'm skeptical they are actually showing anyone the full bit of information since they are known liars, but according to this "Prusa Printers" (they make 3D printers) is the only place that has reported any outside-of-FB information on me (and all I've ever done was look at their website, I don't own one of their printers nor will I ever based on this). From the link you can "disconnect your history" and "manage"...     #

» Visa Advertising Solutions (VAS) Opt Out. This should prevent VISA from selling every little bit of your credit card info and usage. How well it works I have no idea but I am going to try it and find out...     #

Tue: Sep 08, 2020

» List of Peaks, as in - "named mountains in the US".     #

» Control your TV and Stereo with Home Assistant using the Broadlink IR Bridge. I'm struggling to think of when I'd want to use the TV when I'm not sitting at the remote, but I guess if you were out of town for a while and wanted to make it look like someone was still home? Still, inexpensive so that's a plus.     #

Sat: Sep 05, 2020

» Python script to check your passwords against the haveibeenpwned listt(checks if your password has been grabbed during any of the infinite data breaches that have happened.)     #

» How to survive a chokehold     #

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