Wed: Oct 21, 2020

» How to disable autorefresh in snap. Snap packages (starting to become the default in Ubuntu) just update whenever the hell they feel like it. This is how you disable this so you have some control over your own system.     #

Thu: Sep 24, 2020

» Backing up Termux. I have a job on my phone (using TitaniumBackup) to take backups of all apps and data, then every week I just run an rsync from my phone to a spot on my desktop computer, so in theory I have all of these. Could be very handy to do with something like a MicroSD card (or thumbdrive using a USB OTG cable)     #

» Access Termux via USB. I'm not sure why I'd do that but it's still neat.     #

» Dockerfile reference. Haven't gotten to the point of building my own Docker images yet but this will be handy then...     #

» espurna ESP8266 and ESP32 firmware. If I ever decide to stop using Micropython maybe I'll give this a whirl. I've also recently had good luck with ESPHome for some particular things (made it very easy to get a couple of ESP32-Camera devices setup).     #

» Facebook has an Offline Activity Tool that supposedly shows what they know about you outside of Facebook itself. I'm skeptical they are actually showing anyone the full bit of information since they are known liars, but according to this "Prusa Printers" (they make 3D printers) is the only place that has reported any outside-of-FB information on me (and all I've ever done was look at their website, I don't own one of their printers nor will I ever based on this). From the link you can "disconnect your history" and "manage"...     #

» Visa Advertising Solutions (VAS) Opt Out. This should prevent VISA from selling every little bit of your credit card info and usage. How well it works I have no idea but I am going to try it and find out...     #

Tue: Sep 08, 2020

» List of Peaks, as in - "named mountains in the US".     #

» Control your TV and Stereo with Home Assistant using the Broadlink IR Bridge. I'm struggling to think of when I'd want to use the TV when I'm not sitting at the remote, but I guess if you were out of town for a while and wanted to make it look like someone was still home? Still, inexpensive so that's a plus.     #

Sat: Sep 05, 2020

» Python script to check your passwords against the haveibeenpwned listt(checks if your password has been grabbed during any of the infinite data breaches that have happened.)     #

» How to survive a chokehold     #

Mon: Jul 20, 2020

» Do-nothing scripting: the key to gradual automation. Last year I got tired of repeatable tasks at work and introduced Ansible, which the whole team has taken to and has saved us an incredible amount of time and effort. Lately I've been running up against limits in the playbooks so I started creating what I call "Ansible-bash-hybrid scripts" which are bash scripts that call Ansible playbooks and do other things. I know I read this article last year and it's obvious in hindsight that it inspired those hybrid scripts, each one of the steps in the script is being gradually automated...     #

Sun: Jul 19, 2020

» Huge Guide to Portainer for Beginners. Super handy, I'd installed Portainer but never really got it. I have a much better handle on it now and see the value.     #

Mon: Jun 15, 2020

» Ruuvitag Weather Sensor. Open source, uses bluetooth (I kinda like the one mounted to the motorcycle, neat idea). Some Rasberry Pi's also have bluetooth so it'd be an easy way to setup a home station.     #

» Reusing my ebook reader. He re-purposed it as a little dashboard by his front door with the weather and train schedule.     #

Sun: Jun 14, 2020

» Supercharge Your Aerogarden With 50% More Light and Water Flow. Years back I'd bought an adapter to go from the special Aerogarden bulbs to just standard bulbs (no disassembly needed). Haven't thought about doing the water pump yet.     #

» Service Manual finder. Didn't find what I was looking for but I do appreciate the effort, hopefully it'll keep growing.     #

» GM RECALL CENTER. I think after 20 years my truck is outside of the recall range, but always good to take a look every once in a while.     #

» Smoke point of cooking oils. Find the right oil for what you are cooking.     #

» Rocky Mountain Relief Map, this one is for Rocky Mountain National Park. They have others at the Relief Series.     #

» The Noun Project - Icons for Everything. This is pretty great, free (open source) icons for just about anything you can imagine.     #

» My 80's TV! - this is amazing (watch old shows. Be sure to click on the dial to change the station). Related is My 90's TV!     #

» Earth Wind, this is hypnotic to watch.     #

» European Soup Map. I'm seeing some interesting ideas for the next Soup Party!     #

» DIY Portable Photo Backup Device. In Vietnam a few years ago I used a 7" Android tablet with a USB hub and rsync. It worked but the tablet broke on the trail, so I ended up using my phone. It wasn't particularly fast (I'd let it run while eating dinner) but it was the best way to merge a couple people's photos and videos onto giant thumbdrives.     #

» Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route. Looks like a fun ride.     #

Fri: Jun 12, 2020

» Running your own secure communication service with Matrix and Jitsi     #

» Building climbing volumes. The prices on commercial volumes have really dropped over the years, though if you want custom shapes this is the way to go.     #

Thu: Jun 04, 2020

» Monitoring a UPS. I recently put a garage RaspberryPi on an APC UPS and was having trouble using the USB cable to monitor it. Fortunately I had some downtime where I could power off the Pi (I built a box with fans to house it) and after a "reboot" of the UPS the apcupsd software worked fine. The garage system is a Pi4 with a couple of external hard drives attached to be used as a backup system (drives are encrypted as well so if someone swipes the whole thing all they get is hardware...)     #

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