Wed: Jan 22, 2020

» Lost at Night. This is amazing, it's photographs taken from the International Space Station that the astronaut wasn't sure what they were photographing. So they are using crowd-sourcing to try and figure out the location in the photos.     #

» JeffCo Open Space Closures and Alerts. We have a ton of Open Space in Jefferson County (one of the reasons I live here!) and sometimes things get closed (always temporarily)...     #

Sun: Jan 19, 2020

» HomelabOS, Ansible scripts to help you self-host a whole bunch of things. While I like the effort of something like this I tend to want to run my own Docker setups and experiment in other ways. That being said, the real value in this kind of thing for me is the "Available Software" lists that always point me to something new and interesting I didn't know was available.     #

Sat: Jan 18, 2020

» The 10 Ultimate NM Hikes. When Chai and I road-tripped through Northern New Mexico in October I hadn't ever heard of the Ri?o Grande Gorge, but we made it a point to stop and walk out to the middle of the bridge (Chai was less enthusiastic about that than I was...) It's really amazing and just kind of comes out of nowhere on the road.     #

» Quick Home Assistant Shortcuts for Android. If you use a toggle (for a switch or something) frequently this may be the way to go.     #

» Canary domain - At some point the Pi-Hole folks will release a new version that has this by default, I'm looking forward to that.     #

» HOWTO: Using pi-hole as LAN DNS server. Neat-o, I'm tired of trying to remember my whole network...     #

» Geo Heatmap - Generate an interactive geo heatmap from your Google location data. This looks pretty cool but I have location data disabled (in "theory" Google isn't saving it). I wonder if it'd work for the alternative I do use, which just outputs GPX files.     #

» Z-Wave graph. Neat addition to my Home Assistant setup.     #

Mon: Jan 13, 2020

» Triple Divide Peak and Beyond. Huh, three watersheds, that looks neat.     #

Mon: Jan 06, 2020

» How to install Wine on Neon 18.04 Bionic     #

» This comment on Hacker News tells how to disable Ubuntu from phoning home regularly.

Basically these steps:
To disable the part of the MOTD which calls home, setting
in /etc/default/motd-news should be sufficient.

To get rid of the entire "dynamic" MOTD, disable the timer unit:
  $ sudo systemctl disable motd-news.timer     #

» How I Became The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air | STORYTIME. I found this really interesting, and he has a great story telling style.     #

» The First 15 Seconds Of A Coyote Attack Are Critical – Here’s How To Protect Your Dog. I didn't realize going for the throat was the way they operated.     #

» Why I’m Sticking with Lightroom Classic… for Now. I've never used the "CC" version and absolutely will not. The day they drop the Classic version is the day I fully move over to DarkTable (which I will likely do anyway but that will certainly accelerate things.) If I didn't have so much time already invest in Lightroom I would have been gone long ago.     #

» How Much Land Does a Man Need? A Tolstoy short story.     #

Thu: Jan 02, 2020

» Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator. Made me laugh, and it's not just Brooklyn, I see a lot of that kind of text here in Colorado too.     #

» Blockchina - A script to block all connections from China. I'll probably end up using this on a couple servers. The other day I was randomly checking some connections and saw a few from Russia and a couple from Iran apparently.     #

» Mail Tester. Basically checks some things on your mail server, if you are setting up a new one and want to see what other systems see then this is the way to go.     #

Wed: Jan 01, 2020

» ESP cookbook. I'm mostly using microPython on my ESPs but this is still a great resource.     #

» Structured Text Tools, A list of command line tools for manipulating structured text data     #

Tue: Dec 31, 2019

» MoovIt - RTD Light Rail Line W. I find the RTD website (and stop listing) not great, the MoovIt site is significantly better at displaying stops and route information. Bookmarked for when I hit other cities that have public transit...     #

» DeleteFB, Automate Scrubbing your Facebook Presence. It uses the Chrome browser in automated mode to delete things from your Facebook account.     #

» WTF - the terminal dashboard. I dig it, too bad I can't get a Linux laptop at work, this would be perfect and already integrates several tools I use...     #

Mon: Dec 30, 2019

» The Cornell Note-taking System. Concise and easy to follow. I remember learning about splitting the page like that (and I have done it plenty of times) but didn't get the full idea of building questions and such in the left, I usually just put annotations or synopsis there.     #

» Carabiner Beauty: Handmade Climbing Jewelry You Need to Check Out. The hold earrings made me smile.     #

» Is it me or is it USB? Hah, lets you see if you have a real USB data cable or if it's charge-only.     #

» ZWave to MQTT. If you have a lot of Z-Wave sensors and want to stuff them into MQTT for any reason this is what you'd want. Bookmarked for later, at some point I may pick up a packaged ZWave sensor or two...     #

» Hauk, Open-source realtime location sharing. I've opted for sending my location to a Nextcloud instance, which apparently can connect to Home Assistant (that's next).     #

» The sad state of personal data and infrastructure. I agree with this, part of the reason I run so many of my own services (including email). Still, I doubt you are going to get any one of the big services that are monetizing you to actually care.     #

» The Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen, Web Edition. bunnie has made what was formerly a print guide into a free download. He admits it's not up to date, but it's still interesting to scroll through.     #

Sat: Dec 28, 2019

» Advertising is a cancer on society. Very well-written and worth a read.     #

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