Tue: Jun 22, 2021

» How To Disable Opportunistic TLS For Outbound SendMail Connections. Which needs to happen because some mail admins are morons (looking at you Microsoft)     #

» Setting up Ansible AWX using a docker environment - Part 1 (the Ansible approach).A guide on how to get Ansible AWX (open source version of Ansible Tower) running in an isolated docker environment.

Thinking about doing this for fun at home...     #

» The Button Cheat Sheet, specifically buttons on web pages.     #

» An app can be a home-cooked meal. I like the approach and I really wish I could get a copy of his app... :)

I've had an idea for something kicking around in my head for years, something that would scratch my own itch but I think I could get at least a drip of income coming in from, maybe I'll spend some time this summer working on it.     #

» Japan Day in the Life Series by Paolo fromTOKYO. Wow, this is amazing, and the range of jobs is crazy.     #

» Can I Vote? Displays your voter registration status so you can check if you have been struck from being able to vote. I wonder if they have an API so I can just setup a script to check every day just in case...     #

» Here are the Colorado counties with fire bans. Already, in mid-June...     #

Thu: Jun 17, 2021

» Firefox About:config entries. Handy.     #

Wed: Jun 16, 2021

» How to Make a Pleated Seat Cover for a Motorcycle. I saw a youtube video where they talked about a "walking foot sewing machine" and then promptly fell down a rabbit hole...     #

» Beets is the media library management system for obsessive music geeks. That's pretty rad, I still have a decent collection of MP3s on my NAS, might be time to give this a run-through...     #

» How to Block FLoC using Nginx, Apache, WordPress, HAProxy and more. Excellent, a couple lines in my apache2.conf and I can confirm it's working the way it should. Really hate Google for trying to force this crap out there.     #

» Fix clipboard permission on Android 10. And this is a prime example why I am rooted on my phone, not being able to copy/paste urls from my phone to my computer via KDEConnect was such a pain in the ass until I found this.     #

» How to Make Project Content People Actually Want to Watch. The term "project content" is the specific part here, it's for showing off you making something, not just general video content.     #

» Worst swarm of Alaskan mosquitoes ever? Yikes.     #

Mon: Jun 14, 2021

» Litchi drone software, helps turn your drone into something more autonomous. It's one of the challenges I have flying a drone when alone, how to get something to follow me or be more hands off.... Unfortunately the DJI Mini 2 I have doesn't look supported by this.     #

» FFmpeg Commander, helps build the ffmpeg command line you want to use.     #

» Firefox Add-On: Save tabs to HTML file. As someone who regularly has 1200+ tabs open at one time this is pretty handy...     #

» .xsession-errors file is huge. How can I disable? I ran into this with a WINE application (Insta360 Studio) and ended up going with the editing /etc/X11/Xsession route since everything else I did just filled the disk.     #

» Safety Sign Generator by Damon. While I know this is serious this also has some great opportunities for fun...     #

» How To Use Journalctl to View and Manipulate Systemd Logs. I've only had minimal contact with journalctl over the years, this helped me clear some things up in my head. I still think systemd sucks but there's not a lot of choice out there for init systems so this is what I'm stuck with I guess.     #

» Colorado Immunization Portal, find out if the state has your vaccination records. For the longest time mine wasn't on there but it did finally show up recently.     #

» Why aren't you using DIN Rails for everything? Pretty solid examples and there's a mixed-length set on Amazon for $15 so there's no reason to not pick some up.     #

» Easily rename your Git default branch from master to main. They weren't kidding, that is easy!     #

Tue: Jun 08, 2021

» These Costco Chicken Nuggets Seriously Taste Exactly Like Chick-Fil-A. Huh, I haven't seen them at my local Costco but I'll keep an eye out.     #

» Why Americans Eat Dessert for Breakfast, and the follow-up How I Stopped Hating Breakfast. I remember the first time I went to Taiwan there was a huge buffet as part of the hotel stay, it was broken up into sections. There was an American section with pancakes, bacon, eggs, etc. A French section with a lot of pastries and bread, and a German section with sausages and meats and such. I was the only Westerner looking person who spent all their time in the Chinese section, I had dimsum for breakfast every morning and it was glorious.     #

» An incomplete list of skills senior engineers need, beyond coding. Decent list.     #

Sat: Jun 05, 2021

» Building my ideal router for $50. I've always picked up routers supported by Tomato firmware but the more I look into SOHO and advanced personal systems I'm seeing a hardline router/firewall that does all the DHCP and everything combined with access points that actually provide the WiFi. So it's not an all-in-one system like you would get from a retail store, allows things to be much more flexible, like this system.     #

» Draplin Design Decimal Equivalent Chart. I picked one of these up (super handy when using a set of calipers to try and figure out the drill bit you should use...) It's nice, solid in the hand being metal. I've printed a bigger one and laminated it for the garage, but this one will be great in the basement workshop.     #

» Have Your Dog and Ride With Her Too. I have a smaller bike than that GS but have always wondered if I could get Chai to chill enough to ride with me...     #

Tue: May 25, 2021

» Sortphotos, a python script to auto-sort a directory of photos into dated directories. Unfortunately I don't use a date format for sorting but I still like the idea of this.     #

Mon: May 10, 2021

» Python Amcrest Camera Control. Handy, I've had my cameras not work with NTP for some reason so drift the time far enough out of whack other problems cropped up. I can use this to double-check and even set the time, though it does a lot more.     #

» Colorado‚Äôs Euro-Style Ski Traverse. Fantastic, I'd like to try that sometime.     #

» A Bluetooth ESP32 TFT + Touch Macro Keypad). I like the idea, and there's actually a lot you can do with it besides macros on your computer. If you run any home automation you can use it to turn things on/off, change settings, etc.     #

» Understanding and improving Nextcloud Previews. Especially helpful for those running Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi. This will let NC "pre-generate" the previews rather than running it on-demand when you are looking at the photos for the first time.     #

» Monitor IoT devices with Home Assistant and Datadog. While I think this is actually cool I also think it's way overkill. Still, we use DataDog at work and it's remarkably easy to use (significantly easier than grafana).     #

» htop explained. Wow, that is comprehensive.     #

Wed: Mar 17, 2021

» mysql2sqlite, this helped me just the other day with a friend who was having problems with their cheap web host's mysql instance. We dumped the DB and just converted to sqlite3, everything's running fine now.     #

» Remove Duplicate Messages, an add-on for Thunderbird Mail. I used this with great success (I think copying my local folders as a sync between multiple machines just kept overwriting, at one point some messages were duplicated 5 times...) I was a bit cautious to begin with but it worked great, highly recommended if you keep most of your mail archive like I do.     #

» How to Secure Your Server is a decent start but also make sure you follow Using Fail2ban to Secure Your Server - A Tutorial     #

» Reverse Engineering the TP-Link HS110. I have one of the TP-Link wifi lightbulbs someone reverse engineered and made a NodeJS command set for, and it's available as an integration in Home Assistant. It's actually really nice and NOT having to use their app is fantastic.     #

» New Wave Toys, miniature replicas of old arcade games. These are very cool and reasonably priced, if I had somewhere to put them I'd buy a whole set.     #

» Change netplan renderer from networkd to NetworkManager. I ended up doing this on my desktop machine running KDE Plasma since Plasma kept deciding I didn't have a network connection (it couldn't see it) so the Plasma Discover tool for software installs and updates kept telling me I wasn't on a network... I usually just use "apt" from the command line anyway but this annoyed me enough to make the switch.     #

» Your Smart TV is probably ignoring your PiHole. This infuriates me, and add in the DNS over HTTPs (DoH) and it's a grim future for those of us who want control of our networks.     #

» The State of Voice Dictation in Linux. That's an interesting use of KDE Connect that I hadn't even considered before.     #

» Presence Publisher, an Android app to push a notification to an MQTT server whenever it connects to your local wifi. Handy for home automation for sure.     #

» Hack Your Gear: The Skin Re-Glue. I ended up doing this with the parchment paper for re-gluing my climbing skins this winter, it worked well using just a hot wax iron. I ended up skipping the paper bag since it was more trouble than it was worth (and the iron never got so hot it was a problem.)     #

Sun: Feb 14, 2021

» Android Forensics: imaging android filesystem using ADB and DD. I was using this to try and capture an image to attempt an un-delete of a corrupted video file and while it worked I got all kinds of weird permissions errors when mounting as a loop-back. Still, the idea was sound and if it was something critical I would spend more time on it.     #

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