Hawaii 2000

10 Days in the Sun.

The best vacation I think I've ever had. Everything was great, from the people (13 people traveled together, half had never met the other half, and everyone got along!), to the location, to the moped, to the volcano. Everything was fantastic.

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Hawaii: Another Kona Sunset

Hawaii: Betty at the Luaua

Hawaii: Carrie and Greg at the Kilauea Rim

Hawaii: Carrie at Sunset

Hawaii: Cindy at Sunset

Hawaii: Cindy at the Luaua

Hawaii: Curtis at the Kilauea Spout

Hawaii: DeHavens at Sunset

Hawaii: Fire Eater

Hawaii: Fire Twirl

Hawaii: Greg at Waipio Beach

Hawaii: Group Coming from the Lava Tube

Hawaii: Group from the Lava Tube

Hawaii: Jenny at Sunset

Hawaii: Jungle by the Lava Tube

Hawaii: Kilauea Caldera

Hawaii: Kilauea Caldera Rim

Hawaii: Kilauea Caldera Spout

Hawaii: Kilauea Crater Broken Landscape

Hawaii: Kilauea Crater Landscape

Hawaii: Kilauea Palm

Hawaii: Kilauea Trail Down

Hawaii: Kilauea Trail Up

Hawaii: Kona Sunset

Hawaii: Kona Sunset Again

Hawaii: Mike Mitchell and Jenny at the Luaua

Hawaii: Palm Tree at Sunset

Hawaii: Rita at Sunset

Hawaii: SCUBA Aran

Hawaii: SCUBA Aran Smiling

Hawaii: SCUBA Curtis

Hawaii: SCUBA Greg

Hawaii: SCUBA Jenny

Hawaii: SCUBA Longnose Butterflyfish

Hawaii: SCUBA Moorish Idols

Hawaii: SCUBA Moorish Idols and Yellow Tangs

Hawaii: SCUBA Orangespine Unicornfish

Hawaii: SCUBA Ornate Butterflyfish

Hawaii: SCUBA Racoon Butterflyfish

Hawaii: SCUBA Racoon Butterflyfish Again

Hawaii: SCUBA Racoon Butterflyfish At Mooring

Hawaii: SCUBA Saddle Wrasse

Hawaii: SCUBA Saddle Wrasse at Mooring

Hawaii: SCUBA Spinner Dolphins

Hawaii: SCUBA Teardrop Butterflyfish

Hawaii: SCUBA Unicorn Surgeonfish

Hawaii: SCUBA Unknown Fish

Hawaii: SCUBA Whitemouth Eel

Hawaii: Stacy and Natalie

Hawaii: Stacy at Sunset

Hawaii: Sunset and the Breakers

Hawaii: Sunset at the Luaua

Hawaii: Sunset in Paradise

Hawaii: Suzie and Mike at the Luaua

Hawaii: Suzie at Sunset

Hawaii: View from Balcony Left

Hawaii: View from Balcony Right

Hawaii: Waipio Coastline

Hawaii: Waipio Road Down

Hawaii: Waipio Road Up

Hawaii: Waipio Valley Coastal Waterfall

Hawaii: Waipio Valley Coastal Waterfall Again

Hawaii: Waipio Valley Waterfall