KBCO Cardboard Derby 2000

Yet More Insanity at A-Basin

Every year the radio station KBCO holds a cardboard sled race. This year it was at Arapahoe Basin ski area in the mountains of Colorado. As you look at these pictures remember, the entire sled was made out of cardboard and duct-tape, no other materials were allowed except as decorations. Some of the sleds were amazing, some were just sleds. Some were so fast the operators almost got hurt, some so slow the drivers had to actually get out and push them down the hill.

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KBCO Bomber

KBCO Bulldozer


KBCO C.R.A.S.H Again

KBCO Chalupa

KBCO Cheers Bar

KBCO Crash Cheers Bar

KBCO Crashed Pod Racer

KBCO Crowd

KBCO Crowd From Hill

KBCO CU and the Riot Police

KBCO Dumptruck

KBCO Empire State Building

KBCO Feast

KBCO Flight For Life


KBCO Go Cheers Bar

KBCO Go Empire State Building

KBCO Go Flight For Life

KBCO Go Kenny and Bomber

KBCO Go Some Other Box

KBCO Go Wizard of Oz

KBCO Golf Cart

KBCO Homer Simpson

KBCO Kenny

KBCO Mutts Cuts


KBCO Smokey and the Bandit


KBCO Wizard of Oz