Mon: Mar 20, 2023

» Colorado Web Cam List. Neat!     #

» list of containers. As I've grown my local set of services I've found I prefer Docker containers and more specifically I prefer the containers. They are updated regularly and they have good documentation.     #

» Docker Mailserver, everything you need (minus the DNS records) to run a mail server in a container.     #

» Open Source Game Clones. I've been really enjoying Beyond All Reason, it really scratches that RTS itch for me (used to love C&C Red Alert and Total Annihilation)     #

» ESP8266-HTTP-IR-Blaster and zmote. I've had really good luck with my entertainment center (tv and stereo) and the new mini-split heat pumps with just using the esphome IR climate and esphome remote transmitter. I did have to setup a receiver and do some capturing but that's easy to do.     #

» Running your own secure communication service with Matrix and Jitsi, this is on Linux specifically.     #

» 20+ FFmpeg Commands For Beginners. One of these days I'll remember...     #

» Lost Highways, a podcast about Colorado history.     #

» electrical engineering textbook covering electricity and electronics, free and worth a look through if you are tinkering with electronics and circuits.     #

» Video Post Production Workflow Guide, really well done on everything from the capture in the camera to editing (including color grading!) and output to a screen. Impressive guide for free.     #

» Standard Resume, templates look nice and clean.     #

» Waveshare EPaper and a RaspberryPi. I have an older Pi Zero W with a 2.4" epaper sitting on my bench, I just haven't figured out the right project for it yet...     #

» Easer Android Automation, I like the idea of the phone doing things with say a geo-fence, or just letting apps interact in general.     #

» Splash Maps, printed fabric maps. I especially like the idea of the printed fabric, maybe a chalk-bag made with the topo of your favorite crag?     #

Sun: Mar 19, 2023

» Raspberry Pi Camera, like an actual old school walk around with part of a brick camera.     #

» Circuit Simulator in a browser. Neat!     #

» Y2k Year 2000 Best Buy "REMEMBER" Sticker. I bought some and they are glorious.     #

» Keith Lynch's timeline of net related terms and concepts I actually remember a fair amount of this, I think I was first online in fall of 1992 with a shell account via my college's system named "Clem".     #

» backblaze-personal-wine easy way to backup your personal linux system via Backblaze Personal unlimited.     #

» Tech Startups in Colorado. Interesting, wonder how complete the list is.     #

» Biohazard: Iconic Symbol Designed to be “Memorable but Meaningless”     #

» Here’s How You Can Build Bee Hotels To Help Save Native Bees. Simple enough.     #

» How SMS Fraud Works and How to Guard Against It. Another one of those "this is why we can't have nice things".     #

» The Johnny Decimal System, I like the idea and the thought behind it.     #

» Mozilla SSH Configuration Generator, gives the config files you need to setup SSL/TLS websites on different web servers.     #

» Backups - Android to NAS. Right now I'm just using a basic rsync command that I run whenever I happen to think of it, I like the idea of doing the script, wonder if I can setup a trigger to do it every night (does cron even run in termux?)     #

» MTA-STS explained, if you run a mail server I guess it can't hurt...     #

» The Plant Finder, handy if planning a garden.     #

» Lakewood Speaks, city council meetings and things under consideration for the local government in Lakewood, Colorado.     #

» Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued. Long but worth reading.     #

Mon: Feb 20, 2023

» LED MATIX PHOTOBOOTH, neat, gives you a countdown timer after pushing the trigger,t hen your dSLR takes the photo at 0.     #

» Network UPS Tools (NUT) Ultimate Guide, and there's an integration with Home Assistant which is really nice.     #

» How to publicly access your homelab behind NAT (using Wireguard with port forwarding on a public VM)     #

» Docker-OSX, fired this up on my desktop machine (running Linux so it was all native to the system anyway) and within a few minutes had a fully functioning OSX system in a window, amazing. I have no idea what I'd do with it since I don't care for OS-X but hey, neato none the less!     #

» ESP32 Buyer’s Guide: Different Chips, Firmware, Sensors. Super handy, especially since they make so many models now (used to be a lot simpler with the ESP8266...)     #

» Weatherman Dashboard for ESPHome, that came out really nice looking.     #

» 121C Skate Boards, made from the carbon shells of rockets, neat idea and I like their designs.     #

Sun: Feb 19, 2023

» Making a Bling Bag With Recycled Bubble Wrap Fabric! I really like the touch pads to change what the leds are doing.     #

» The Mystery of Downtown’s Lost Tunnels. I had no idea Denver had tunnels...     #

» SwitchBot Lock, to add some smarts to your front door deadbolt. I like how simple it is and that you don't replace your existing lock (mine currently has both a keypad and a key slot, having both is important to me.)     #

» Building a website like it's 1999... in 2022. That's pretty rad.     #

» Don't Let A Power Outage Leave You Without Heat This Winter! Hmmm, my only issue is my heating system is on a 20 amp circuit and the biggest Duplex Switch Outlet is only rated for 15 amp. I wonder what the actual power draw of that circuit is, though this is definitely something to do in the summer and not now.     #

» The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets. This is nearly 20 years old and still relevant (I also generally knew about UTF-8 but this cleared a bunch of details up for me.)     #

Thu: Feb 16, 2023

» Colorado DMV re-introduces three retired license plates. Great, can they bring back the old IDs and get rid of the ones that look like second-rate student IDs?     #

» All 165 Pink Floyd Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best. Wow.     #

Wed: Feb 15, 2023

» Chargie phone charge limiter. That's pretty smart, I've also seen people using a smart plug with the Home Assistant app (which reports stats on your phone) to do things like "only start charging at 11pm, always shut off when the phone reports full".     #

Sun: Feb 12, 2023

» DIY NAS That Really Looks Like a NAS, especially for single board computers (like the Raspberry Pi). I just have a Pi4 with a couple external USB drives tossed into a wooden box, functional but doesn't look nearly as good as this one.     #

» Flight Aware Misery Map, delays and cancellations in air travel.     #

Tue: Feb 07, 2023

» Chuck Klosterman | But What If We’re Wrong: Thinking about the Present as If It Were the Past (YouTube video). I'm reading the book now and it's definitely thought provoking.     #

» Interview with FFMPEG enthusiast. Hah.     #

» Welcome to the AI-on-the-edge-device, using a micro-controller with a camera (esp32cam for example) to read the actual numbers on your utility meter.     #

» Cheap DIY Smoke Tester (YouTube video). I thought it was a great idea and used it on my car, though finding the right size cigar was a challenge and had the person at the smoke shop laughing.     #

Sat: Feb 04, 2023

» Perfidious Pricing (aka Drip Pricing), I find the practice infuriating.     #

» EFF Dice-Generated Passphrases. Download their random word list and have a go.     #

» 8000 Meter Peaks – List and Map Of The World’s Eight Thousanders     #

» A plan for my secrets, on how to deal with losing even your master password for your password vaults.     #

» Air Care Colorado Rapid Screen Locations - locations of those mobile vans that you can drive past so you don't get stuck having to go get an emissions test before your license renewal.     #

Fri: Feb 03, 2023

» The Casino-Chip Society. I've long thought of digital cash as a secondary but never really considered the third order like Paypal...     #

» Transform Broken Measuring Tape to Coin Purse. That is a very clever repurposing of the tape into the flex closure...     #

» ThinkPad as a server: the follow-up. I have a 6 year old personal Thinkpad that runs great, it'd be a very capable server for the kinds of things I do (except you can't mount some internal drives and run with mdadm...)     #

» Removing the chinese wifi from my minisplit with ESPHome. I recently got some mini-split systems installed at home and I'm using the very basic climate control with an IR led transmitter and that's it. I appreciate the expanded yaml in this post for all the things possible with the Climate component.     #

» Pull Data from Your Car into Home Assistant // Tasker and Torque and HomeAssistant: Logging Car Data with the #Torque app! (both are Youtube videos). I'm a huge fan of Home Assistant but I can't imagine what I'd get out of this besides saying I did...     #

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