Sun: Nov 26, 2023

» Understanding image sharpness part 5: Lens testing. Only one of my cameras allows me to fine-tune the focal distance to account for this kind of thing, but it's still worth having a look at.     #

» Human Interface: a Guide to Backpack Harness Innovation. That's pretty comprehensive...     #

» Smol Floppy Disk Organizer for Micro SD Cards, wow talk about triggering nostalgia...     #

» Mini Tokyo 3D, that is amazing.     #

» USDA Hardiness Zone Map, if you grow plants outdoors this is worth having a look at. I noticed they are now using more grades than just the 1-6 digits.     #

» It’s Still Easy for Anyone to Become You at Experian. What a miserable piece of crap of a company.     #

» In-Bed Presence Detector - I didn't even realize a pressure mat was a thing, I'd seen other systems that used load cells at each corner of the bed and such but this seems a lot more direct and simple.     #

» Building an occupancy sensor with a $5 ESP32 and a serverless DB, pretty clever to count the bluetooth devices coming and going.     #

Sat: Nov 11, 2023

» Maestral, Open source Dropbox client. I wonder if that gets you around their stupid device limitations, which is why I moved entirely away from them.     #

Tue: Oct 31, 2023

» comcast network simulation tool - Comcast is a tool designed to simulate common network problems like latency, bandwidth restrictions, and dropped/reordered/corrupted packets.

The fact they named this comcast is just... chef's kiss...     #

» Portainer templates. I've clearly barely touched Portainer, I was using it for trimming old images and some other basic stuff. This is neat, though the docker-compose file has an advantage of being able to use version control...     #

» Skanna - A Lack-Based Copy Stand, good way to use a real camera to take quality scans.     #

» Flavor Essence water flavors, since I got my seltzer maker I'm down for new sources of flavorings... Trying out a multipack of bottles from them.     #

» The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers - Equipment, aka "TOOOL". The tools you need to practice lock picking.     #

» Changing the Android captive portal page, giving Google as little info as possible...     #

» RustDesk remote viewer. I got tired of the TeamViewer shenanigans when I was just trying to help my dad out with some stuff and we switched over to Rust Desk, works excellent.     #

» Command Line Shell For SQLite (documentation for the cli)     #

Sat: Oct 28, 2023

» A Beginner’s Field Guide to Identifying Bees (PDF download)     #

Fri: Sep 15, 2023

» The Corruption of Lindsay Graham. This is so rage inducing it's hard to watch (or listen to).     #

» ffmpeg links I've recently found


» Xcel Energy Home Energy Audit. My biggest concern is heat loss in the winter, I'm planning on scheduling a blower test at some point. Also picked up my own IR camera so I can walk around and look for hot spots when the temp drops a bit.     #

Thu: Sep 14, 2023

» Entware Installation and Usage, it's a package repository for Tomato based routers, there's a whole bunch of things in there to make your home network better. Unfortunately I recently moved to an OPNSense firewall so my wifi router is just an access point anymore...

I also really like this FreshTomato Router Dashboard for Grafana.     #

» Serviceberry shrubs. Just found out about them, maybe next year!     #

» OPNSense DHCP Lease Widget, works great, shows you all the DHCP leases on your network (including for static assignments). Nice to be able to grab the MAC for a new ESP32 device I just spun up.     #

» 433 MHz is not dead! Using an ESP32 board with LoRa module to talk to 433 MHz sensors. Based on this and a youtube video from Andreas Spies I got one of these LoRa boards and set it up, it's kinda bonkers how much stuff it's captured in the last few days. From refrigerator temperature sensors, so some TPM (Tire Pressure Management) sensors (5 of them, so I guess one in the spare tire?)     #

Wed: Sep 13, 2023

» How to Identify and Remove Tree of Heaven. Be sure you actually have it, there's a few other things that look similar...     #

Sun: Sep 10, 2023

» OMOTE Universal Remote. Ohh, I'd buy one in a heartbeat if they put that on Kickstarter or something. I'm babying my Logitech universal remote since they no longer make them anymore (and I have an IR blaster on an ESP8266 I setup for basic things like turning systems on and off, all to keep the wear off the universal remote).     #

» EasyFlickrBackup, this works well for pure image backups even in 2023 (I tried a bunch of backup tools out recently, this was one of the few that still worked).     #

» rclone backend for Google Photos. Well that's handy, sometimes I just want the diff or a directory, or only get the things other people uploaded, but using the web UI is... not great. This will let me just rclone sync and let it happen automatically.     #

» mTLS: When certificate authentication is done wrong. I'm doing mutual TLS for some customers at work, it's a simple idea that can have complicated implementations, and not everyone groks how it should work in the first place.     #

» Photogrammetry on Commercial Flights. That's pretty neat, I have a whole bunch of photos taken out the window of various flights when I used to have a job with travel...     #

Sat: Sep 09, 2023

» River Runner - where water flows. Click a spot on the map and it'll figure out the path that drop would take to get to the ocean     #

» SinusBot - Shared music on Teamspeak or Discord     #

Sun: Aug 20, 2023

» Lander 1 Scale CAD File Download. This is by far my favorite knife to carry and I love they've just released the scale files so anyone can print their own.     #

» How to Communicate When Trust Is Low (Without Digging Yourself Into A Deeper Hole). Solid advice.     #

» Pictures of Earth from the ISS     #

» Getting to a (nearly) $0 Xcel Bill. Solid info, well-written. The home energy audit is definitely something I need to look into.     #

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