Sun: Jul 18, 2021

Keeping An Eye On The Water Heater Pilot Light. Clever, fortunately my pilot lights on the boiler and tankless heater have never gone out but if they do I can whip one of these up.     #>

How to stabilize shaky video on Linux? I've had mixed success with the ffmpeg vidstab plugin but it's better than nothing. (Also the link has a handy shell script you can copy/paste).     #>

How To Protect SSH with Fail2Ban. Took me a while to get it setup (the jails weren't running correctly for some reason) and then I moved to requiring SSH keys so it never came up again, but fail2ban is super handy for sendmail to keep all kinds of crap out of my system. Related: Tarpit Action for Fail2ban with rate limit     #>

You Can Proof Bread in Your Instant Pot. Hmm, mine might be sold old I don't have a yogurt button, will have to check.     #>

Prevent others sending emails using your domain name. Using DMARC, DKIM, and SPF. I've done all of that and still the jagoffs at Microsoft block me.     #>

The Life Assessment Checklist. Interesting.     #>

Escaping strings in Bash using !:q Nifty.     #>

Concorde Aerospace Control Panels. Oh man, these are great, maybe get one of my table-top MAME control panel I'm making...     #>

How to unlock the bootloader and root the Google Pixel 4a. Worked a treat.     #>

dehydrated letsencrypt/acme client implemented as a shell-script. I'm using certbot right now but always willing to entertain something new.     #>

EPDiy E-Paper Driver, helps control e-paper displays you harvest from old ebook devices.     #>

Lennart Green: Close-up card magic with a twist | TED Talk. Pretty great.     #>

Slow TV Map, tune in and watch an 8 hour train ride...     #>

Jerry Hargrove - Cloud Diagrams & Notes.     #>

AWS CLI Cheat Sheet. Super handy.     #>

JSON on the command line with jq. Good starter, wish json was just pretty-printed by default.     #>

AndroidEnv: The Android Learning Environment. As I understand it a way of writing bots and automations on an Android system.     #>

How To Talk Yourself Up (Without Turning People Off). Worth a listen to.     #>

Fire and Smoke Map. Terrible in Idaho right now. Unfortunately this will become a permanent bookmark of mine.     #>

Discouted Lyft fares to four Jeffco trailheads. Interesting way to keep the congestion of cars down a bit.     #>

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