Thu: May 26, 2022

Do a Wheelie!. Danny MacAskill is a treasure for all humanity.     #>

WWII Training Film "Crack That Tank" on how to deal with tanks when you are infantry. Interesting enough I watched it all the way through.     #>

Bodkin as a Sewing tool : Different uses. I've heard the term bodkin but never really knew what it was. Now I think I need a selection of them...     #>

JST Connector Crimping Insanity. Recent project (an IR blaster) I decided to use plugs to the soldered board to make it easier to replace components and yeah, I wrecked quite a few crimps before I figured it out.     #>

Map of Video Game Arcades, though it's not just "arcades" as much as "any place that has a video game you can play". For example a bowling alley near me, which nobody would ever call an arcade but does have a couple games off to the side.     #>

Docker CLI for Windows, using WLS2. Handy if you just need some Docker for Windows things but can't get a full Docker Desktop license for whatever reason.     #>

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