Mon: May 30, 2022

X11vnc (from Arch Wiki). I upgraded my basement NAS to the newest Ubuntu Server and now running a Virtualbox VM as a user doesn't work for RDP (for some reason it will not grab the right port). Since the VM is another Linux system I ended up setting up x11vnc on it so at least I still have remote access. I don't even know how to troubleshoot the Virtualbox issue so I guess this is how it works now.     #>

Flameshot Screen Shot Tool. One thing I actually like about Windows is the Win-Shift-s command to be able to choose the area being captured, with Flameshot I've been able to configure my Linux machines (with KDE Plasma) to have the same key combo with even better options for saving (straight to clipboard, to a file, to an editor, etc, etc).     #>

DIY Car-Top Solar Camp Shower. That's pretty genius actually. My plan is a 2 gallon "weed sprayer" bottle with a faucet sprayer attached instead of the normal dispenser. My version though is only 2 gallons and does require heating up the water first, this one works great if you just part in the sun.     #>

Cycles South 1971 (Motorcycle Documentary Film). How these wingnuts ever managed to get a full movie made is a question I repeatedly had watching this. It was highly entertaining though, no chance of being able to do a trip like that for that kind of money (even inflation adjusted) anymore though...     #>

Raspberry Pi Smart Security Camera. I have a raspi camera aimed out my front window, but that's just so I can create time-lapses of interesting weather, there's no way I'd want this to email me every time it detects an object, but I could see that for other parts of the yard.     #>

Unraid System Dashboard V2. That... is comprehensive.     #>

Create Your Own Broadcast Network With AVideo Platform. This is the Github repo so it's not quite turn-key but there's some good info here if you want to create your own Youtube knock-off.     #>

Nyxtech Star Tracker, that's really cool and very reasonably priced for what you get.     #>

Production-ready Docker packaging for Python developers. I'm not doing anything that requires distribution or Docker yet but when I do I'll be all over this guide.     #>

Two places to get amazing wall maps: Mountains of the Earth and Large Wall Maps (and don't forget with Rasterbator you can take any image and make a large map from it). I keep thinking I need more wall space in my house for all the cool stuff you can hang...     #>

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