Wed: Jun 08, 2022

Air Hose Reel From Plywood / 360° Swivel. Clever!     #>

Global Submarine Cables - that is beautiful to look at and interesting to browse around.     #>

Hotel Resort Fee Lookup. I despise these bs additional "fees". Just tell me how much the damn bill is going to be when I'm booking.     #>

Alarmo: Make Your Own Alarm System In Home Assistant. Awesome.     #>

Abusing RPi GPIO pins as a radio controller. What an amazing way to generate an RF signal to fake a remote control.     #>

RTL_SDR & Ubuntu with RLTAMR – Reading power meter output. This definitely got me started, now I have Metermon running as a docker container on my NAS and feeding the values of electricity and natural gas into my Home Assistant setup every minute. This is helping me to understand my solar panels much better than before.     #>

Deprecating the "X-" Prefix and Similar Constructs in Application Protocols. I had no idea that was happening, much less that it came up 10 years ago. Those are used in so many places I doubt they'll ever go away.     #>

Behind the Late-Night Shift at Denver’s Last 24-Hour Diner. I haven't been to Pete's Kitchen in a very long time (no chance of me staying up that late anymore) but I have fond memories for sure...     #>

Behind the Scenes: The pots, pans, and people that make millions of meals. That's pretty fascinating actually, the logistics of feeding that many people (especially in that kind of situation) has always been interesting to me.     #>

Questions Candidates Can Ask. This is more aimed at people applying to start-ups, the next time I do that I'll be looking at this list again...     #>

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